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Related post: of about sixty-five years. The lad was vomiting and purging
violently when I reached him; I tried at first to give him bis-
muth subnitrate, but it failed to relieve the nausea and vomit- Pravachol 10 Mg
ing, and he iiad to rise every Discount Pravachol few minutes on account of the
purging. I then gave him the arsenite of copper in the above-
mentioned dose, and his nausea and vomiting were relieved Pravachol Online after
the first dose; the bowels moved only twice after the first dose
was taken.
Another patient, a man, aged about fifty, was vomiting and
purging very violently; I gave him the arseriite of copper iti
the above-named dose, and his vomiting was relieved at once
iind the i)urging very quickly, Tiiis man Pravachol Cost had weighed himself
the evening before, and tound his weight to be two hundred and
sixteen pound-;; the next morning, after the attack of cholera
morbus, he again weighed himself and found he had lost seven
pounds and a half during the night.
In the other cases I gave the arsenite of copper in the same
dose, alone, with uniformly good results. In all these I
found the ar.-enite of copper would relieve the soreness of the
[N. Y. Mki.. .Iouu.,
IidwcIh in n very few limirH, I Imvo Pravachol 40 triod Pravachol 40mg tlie remtMly in oiu'
fiiHo of clironid Buy Pravachol (IiiirrliH, wlioro all tlic romt'dii-H I liiid ^'ivi-ii
lioforo faik'tl to f,'iv». lias ^aiiu-il very iniicli in
tU'sli and Htron^tli. I pivo iiini tliu onoom* iinndrcMlili ot a Krain
at a doHo, ropoatod cvory tliroo or four lionrH.
1 certainly i-an bear toHtiniony as to the Pravachol 20 valui« of tlio araonito
of coppor in my liaiids in all casoM of aciitu dianlid'al diHcuHo.
Wll.I.IAM J. I{| IM). M. I).
Nkw YoitK Inkant Asylum, }
Mount Vkknon, N. V., Oitotur J7, JS!U. \
To the I'Mltor of the New York Medicdl Journul :
Siii: As ooniinunioations to tho Journal in rej^ard to tlic
trontnionl of diarrluuii witli tlio nrsenito of co|)por soeni to be
in ordor, I will briefly relate our experience in the New York
Infant Asylum Purchase Pravachol in tiie use of tliis dru;;. After carefuliy readiiif^
Dr. Auldo's articles on the treatment of diarrbd'a with the
nrsenite, we determined to give it atrial. During May and June Pravachol 40 Mg
of 18Sl» ten eases of acute dyspeptic diarrhoea were treated in
the following manner: At tho outset of the attack one tea-
spoonful of castor oil was given ; in two hours j-j'g ^ of a grain of Pravachol 80
the arsenite was given in one drachm of water, jireviously
boiled; Pravachol 20mg this was repeated every ton minutes for the first hour;
then this amount (55^5 of a grain) was given hourly. The pa-
tients were kept as quiet as po.^sible during the treatment, and
carefully dieted. They all made excellent recoveries, as did also
a like number of patients with similar attacks which occurred
at the same time, who received only the oil, rest, and diet. Tiie
employment of the arsenite was continued on into July and
August. It was used as above described in acute gastroenteri-
tis, entero-coliti.s, and colitis. Forty cases were treated during
the hot months of 1889 and 1890. The ages of the patients
ranged between two and eighteen months. These had diarrhoea
and were siclc, having high temperature, urgent thirst, and rapid
emaciation. In the majority tiie ar.senite was given early in the
attack and continued four or five days. In others it was given
later in the disease, after other drugs had been found unav.iiling.
The patients were all cared for by a careful nurse night and
day. A fair and impartial trisd was given, and Cheap Pravachol in not one case
was the drug of the slightest service. The majority recovered
under change of treatment; others died under the arsenite, and
a few died after other measures had been employed. During
the past summer it was again used Order Pravachol in five or six cases, but
proved to be as useless as before. As will be seen by the fore-
going, this method was most unsatisfactory, and we have dis-
continued the use of the drug. The Fraser tablets were used;
these dissolve readily. Charles G. Keeley, M. D.
Jeanesville, Pa., November 2, 1891.
To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal:
iSiR Buy Pravachol Online : I have noticed in your Journal several letters express-
ing somewhat different Pravachol Price opinions Pravachol Mg of the value of the arsenite of
copper in diarrhoea and dysentery. While this difference of
opinion in regard Pravachol 20 Mg to new remedies may be due in some instances
to a poor preparation of the drug used, or to improper adminis-
tration, I believe it is more often due to a failure to distinguish
between the propter hoc and the post hoc. We are too much in-
clined, if a thorough believer in drugs, to ignore the self-limi-
tation of many diseases and to conclude that because a cure Pravachol 80 Mg
follows the use of a certain remedy the remedy wrought the
I have used the arsenite of copper during the past summer
in about a hundred cases of acute diarrhoea and dysentery, and
have made a record of about one half that number of cases.
The cases embraced the various types of summer diarrhoea.

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