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Related post: ment and needs no comment. Ambulance or hos-
pital attendance is accorded to the vast majority
of the injured, and the outlook for those thus treat-
ed is obviously better than if home treatment only
was obtainable.
The occupation element is of much importance
both as to the immediate and remote outcome. A
laborer sustaining a compound comminuted frac-
ture of both bones of the leg resulting in shorten-
ing and ankylosis, necessarily assumes a different
working capacity outlook than a bookkeeper with
an identical injury.
It is needful to distinguish between total and par-
tial inability to resume the same or another occupa-
tion demanding less of the damaged organ or limb.
This compensation law should prove of consid-
erable value to physicians in the care and treatment
of the injured, and one of its benefits should be to
instil an element of hopefulness and contentment in Purchase Karela
the patient inasmuch as during the enforced idle-
ness financial worry to a great degree is abolished.
In eft'ect, many workers Purchase Karela Online now have an accident in-
surance policy guaranteeing them and their families
a living until restoration to health. This phase of
the enactment will probably to some extent dimin-
ish malingering, subjective Buy Karela symptoms, and the more
or less conscious and wilful exaggeration so Buy Karela Online charac-
teristic of litigated cases.
From a statistical standpoint, much value should
October ! . 1910. 1
accrue as written records will necessarily be made
covering the entire range of the surgery of acci-
dents, a topic not well treated in our medical litera-
301 West Eighty-ninth Street.
twiliCtHT talks by the doctor.
By George F. Butler, A.M., M. D.,
Chicago, Illinois.
For some time after Robespierre was born I was
telephoned for every time he slept a little longer
than the mother thought he ought to, when he
laughed Order Karela immoderately, and when he cried, and he
cried much of the time. Do you know I think few
people appreciate the significance of a baby's cry.
At the very outset of the acquaintance with each
other, mother and baby are at a disadvantage, be-
cause the baby's only language is a cry and this
language the mother is apt to misinterpret. The
baby will use his best efforts to make communica-
tion easy by learning the mother's language as far
as possible, but meanwhile it would not be amiss if
the mother were to use her best efforts in learn-
ing the baby's language of the cry.
Most emphatically the baby expresses his opin-
ion of the world into which it comes at birth by a
cry of discomfort. His first breath is a cry and
from this time until he can talk, he is, as Tennyson
says: "An infant crying for the light, An infant
crying in the night, And with no language but a
cry." I think it would be wise to make a little
study of this language and see if we can gain some
idea of what the child has to say.
First, as to the cry of discomfort. It is a pitiful
^vail, not as feeble as the cry of fretfulness. nor as
strong as that of pain. It is easy to understand
why the first cry should be one of discomfort. At
birth the child is removed from an equable tem-
perature of 98° F. to the cold temperature of the
''cold, cold world," which on the warmest day
would seem raw and uncomfortable to him. The
later causes of the cry of discomfort may be found
in bad air, soiled clothing, cramped position, dress
too heavy or too tight, the temperature of the room
too hot or too cold. It is for the mother to discover
which of these causes is operative in producing the
Then comes the cry of hunger. This may sound
much like the cry of Buy Cheap Karela discomfort with an added tone
of impatience. The hungry child does not toss
about as the restless or uncomfortable one, and will
often cease crying Order Karela Online if he catches sight of his mother
or his bottle. If no food is forthcoming he resumes
his demand with more insistence.

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