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Related post: iiroiKT iiuru'ntioii for tin- (•(iiimu'iiccmciit of llic tioatinciit.
Ill tlu' iiso of till' loid Imtli, which is the form rt'coiimicntlcil
l)V I/u)l>tMin«'iHtfr, tlu- pdficiit is at oiico iinincrsj-d in wattsr
at ;i tfiiipiTaliirt' of 7(> '. 'IMu' h-iiirtli Buy Ditropan Online of time for the hath
is tell iiiiiiulcs ; tli(> t'lTccts ol)taiiii'(l arc Order Ditropan t hi' same as those
of the i,Ma(liiatc(l hath. The cold hath, however, is not
r 105° F. have been considerably overesti-
mated, and Dr. Da Costa, who recommends the cold bath,
states that it is not necessary to employ it unless the tem-
perature reaches that height.*
That good etf'ects do follow the use of tlie antipyretic
tre^itmeut is unquestionable, but whether these effects are
due Generic Ditropan to reduction of temperature Buy Cheap Ditropan or to the improved condi-
tion of innervation which results from their use is the ques-
tion. The same effect upon the nervous system can be at-
tained by cool sponging of the body, which reduces the
temperature very slightly, and I have been informed by
Dr. Daniel Avres that he has seen similar results follow the
oiling of the surface of the body in fever patients. I am
not aware that oiling the surface brings about any reduction
of temperature.!
It is also Ditropan Online not improbable that the benefits to be derived
from cold bathing, even aside from the reduction of tem-
perature, have been overstated by Lieberraeister and others.
Eichhorst, who recommends the practice in typhoid fever,
makes the moderate Purchase Ditropan statement that an improved condition
of the nervous system not infrequently follows the use of
the cold baths, and Struerapell also is very guarded in his
recommendation of them. It has further been ascertained
by Senator, by a comparison of the statistics of the differ-
ent hospitals of Berlin, that in the Augusta hospital, where
the antipyretic treatment has not been used, the percentage
of recoveries from typhoid fever is greater than in those
institutions in Order Ditropan Online which this method has been employed. J It
is probable that, with the more extensive use of the recently
discovered antipyretic drugs, antipyrine and antifebrine, the
cold baths will gradually fall into disuse.*
* Introduction to J. C. Wilson's " Treatise on the Continued Fevers,"
New York, 1881, p. xvi.
\ Cheap Ditropan Yon Ziemssen states that the warm bath has the same effect on
the nervous system, the difference between this and the cold bath being
that the former does not reduce the temperature. ( Op. cit., p. 26.)
X " Dtsch. med. Wchnschr.," 1885, p. 733.
* Liebermeister himself stated, before the discovery of antipyrine,
antifebrine, etc., that, were it necessary for him to choose between the
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