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Subject: MARINE ENCOUNTER VIDISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. It is NOT TRUE. Any resemblance
between any character and any real person is thoroughly and completely
accidental. This story contains scenes of sex between males. So you're
forewarned. If this story warps your sex-drive or your previously held
opinions, feelings or desires, then it has been successful.This story is dedicated to preteen model vlad a real member of the USMC who is my friend and
whom I care very much about.Marine preteen contortion practice Encounter - Part VI
by RimPig (c) 2001The next morning, I awoke again in Shawn's arms. I lay there, feeling the
warmth of his body and surrounded by his scent. The scent of the man I
loved and who I had last night, under the moon and witnessed by the
Atlantic Ocean, pledged my love and my life to. I realized that as of last
night, Shawn and I had committed ourselves to wake like this, together, for
the rest of our lives. The thought was overwhelming to me. And while some
would see all that time as daunting, I felt nothing but complete comfort at
the thought. To know that my warrior/lover was truly mine and would be
there for me for all our lives. As I would be there for him - there to
comfort, love and care for him for all his life.I closed my eyes kids pedo preteen and nestled closer to him, feeling his arms tighten around
me."I was dreaming about you." he whispered huskily in my ear."And was it a wet dream?" I responded."It was just about to be!" he growled deep in his throat as he dipped down
and nibbled on my neck with his teeth."Well, then, why waste it on the sheets? Why 6yo model preteen don't you put it where it will
do some good?" I growled back.He moved his body even closer to mine, pressing his hardness against my
butt."I think I'll do just that."I heard him spit on his hand and then felt his fingers lubing my hole. I
heard him spit again and then I felt his cockhead at the entrance to my
body. I moved back, relaxing my sphincter and slid his cock through my ass
lips. He pressed forward slowly but firmly until his weapon was buried
completely in my sheath. I moaned at the feeling of fullness and preteen brazil connection
with him. I could feel his cock throbbing with desire, engorged with his
blood to a size that told me it would not be a long fuck. This young male
animal needed to get off! Now!!He drew back, and snapping his hips forward, drove his cock into me with
tremendous strength. I let out a sharp cry, not of pain, but surprise!
There were evidently limits to his strength far beyond what I'd seen preteens models european so
far! He began to pound in and out of my hole, rubbing his hard shaft
against my already enlarged prostate. I nonenude preteen models
had awoken with a hardon as well,
and from a dream about him so I was as ready and preteen porn photo preteen hc top
eager to spill my cum as
he was!Suddenly, I preteens fucking daddy
felt his hand reach around my body and grip my already hard and
dripping cock. He took some of petit preteens the cock-snot that was drooling from mature preteen gallery
my piss
hole and began to spread it down my cock. He then gripped my hardon masterbation for preteens and
began to jack me off with the preteens in forbidden same rhythm that his cock was driving in and
out of my ass.It took only a few strokes of his hand and the same number of thrusts of
his lance into my hilt for us to both reach the summit of our desire. I
began to moan and I could hear him grunting in my ear as I felt the
swelling of his maleness inside me and the tremors as he erupted his hot
lava into my pit. I bathed his hand in my body's love offering as I joined
him in the trembling, mind-erasing journey into oblivion.As we lay there, trying to regain a natural rhythm of breathing and heart
rate, he brought his hand from my cock and began to lick my wet pre teens
seed from it. I
watched as preteen hacked photos
he did this and he saw my eyes staring at him in love. He
stopped licking and offered the rest of my own seed to me. I licked his
hand clean and then we kissed, tasting me inside each other's mouths,
finally parting when no more sperm could be found or preteens with cams
tasted."I want you to wake me that way every morning." He ordered."Sir, yes free preteenporn tgp sir!" I replied.We lay site porno preteens there forbidden sexy preteen quietly for a while, him holding me. I didn't want the moment
to end. I wanted to stay that way forever, safe and protected in the arms
of european nude preteens
my young warrior/lover. But his 3d preteen model needs were too insistent for us to
remain like that for long."I need to take a wicked piss!" he said into my preteen artistic models
ear."Yes? And your point is?" I replied."Then I'm going to have to pull out of you and I don't want to." he argued."Who said you had to pull out?" I slammed the ball back into his preteen ls magazin
court."You mean.....?" he smiled."Well...duh!" I stated.At that point, I felt the warmth best preteenboys toplist
of preteens girl naked
his piss begin to flow strongly into my
ass and his cock, which had started to go somewhat less rigid, came again
to full attention. I began to feel the welcome fullness in my guts as ukrain virgin preteen he
moaned in delight at the sensations of preteen girls handjobs
having his preteen intercourse pic hard cock massaged by my
ass muscles and warmed by his own piss at the preteen girl pics same time. I almost thought I
might get him to shoot a second load of cum in me as well but this was preteen boy cum not
to be. preteens sexy links He finished pissing and his cock quickly began to soften again. I
quickly closed tight my sphincter muscles, forcing his cock out and keeping
his ru preteens videos
piss in.I got preteen bbs lol up quickly and rather than heading for the bathroom, headed for the
shower room instead. I knew I could just release his twin loads of piss and
cum while I showered. I didn't figure, however on my warrior's continued
need to play.He followed me into the shower room and, grabbing my preteen preteens trailer
arm, pulled me over to
the marble bench in the middle of the room. He stood me beside it while he
lay down on the bench."How naked preteen search good is your aim with your ass?" he grinned at me."I don't this hot preteen
know! You want to find out?" I asked, grinning back at him."Yeah! Just cover me with my piss and my load!" he said, laying back on the
marble bench.I turned around, bent over and slightly loosened the lips of my
ass. Pushing down with my inner muscles, I sent a stream of his hot piss
straight out of my butt onto his chest and abs. He moaned and began rubbing
the piss all over himself. I preteen pussy children swung my ass to the right and left, continuing
to spray him with his own piss and cum warmed by my ass. I hit his cock and
balls hentail preteen and then his chest, face and head. He was bathed in his own morning
piss and was obviously loving it from the moans I heard coming from him.When I finally ran out of liquid, he pulled me over to the bench and on top
of him. I was now being covered myself with the wet piss from his body. I
leaned down and began preteenz nude pics to lick his shoulders and neck, reaching some of the
drying piss and even little islands of white cum. When we both were
smelling like a urinal, we went under the showers and were sprayed clean
while we continued to touch, kiss, lick and nibble at each others body. It
was like we couldn't get enough physical contact with each other. I knew
that this wouldn't last forever between us, but I was going to enjoy it to
the fullest while it lasted.We finally got out of the shower and went into the sauna to allow the dry
heat to dry us. When we had a fine sheen of sweat - enough to bring out the
natural scents of our bodies which shaved pussy preteen we both found infinitely attractive
about each other - we wandered into hentai 3d preteen the kitchen.Pouring us both a cup of coffee, I turned to him."What do you want for breakfast?""I want to eat more of you!" he laughed."Well, I think some carbs and sugars along with protein would probably be
healthier and give you much more stamina to continue in those pursuits,
soldier!" I rattled off."Ok, then some scrambled eggs with toast. Not a lot. I don't eat a lot of
food in the morning." he stated."I'm glad you clarified that statement!" I giggled.He smiled at me and walked out onto the balcony. The sun was full up and he
could see the beach filling up with tourists and other sun-worshipers. I
went ahead and fixed breakfast and took it out to the table on the
balcony. I told him it was ready and went back into the kitchen and fixed
myself some fruit and toast along with a couple of eggs. When it was done,
I took it out on the balcony. Shawn was still standing there, looking out
at the ocean. He hadn't moved and he hadn't touched his breakfast."Earth to Shawn!" I called.He turned to look at me like he was coming out of a dream. Almost as if he
didn't know me or where he was."Well, where were you, soldier!" I asked.He shook his head as if to shake off what he was thinking about."I'm sorry. I was lost in thought. And for me, that's really getting lost!"
he grinned sheepishly."So what's got you so lost?""I was just thinking about Tim. You know, I still want to find him some day
and try to apologize to him for what I did. I know it may not do much for
him, but it sure would for me. But I don't even nymphets preteen underage know where to start! I
haven't seen him for 10 years." he explained."And what's brought on this need to make amends?" I asked."I guess you could say it's dirty preteens bbs guilt. I've finally found what I've always been
looking for. Something I think that Tim wanted from me. I now know how he
felt. I know what it's like to truly be in preteen org love with another man. preteen foot worship I don't
know if it's really different than what guys who fall in love with women
feel nude nubiles preteens since I've never been in love with a woman. I just was almost married
to one. Didn't like her. Didn't love her. I have no way of knowing. But I
do know now what Tim felt, and it is the most wonderful feeling in the
world. But I still feel like I owe him something for what I did to him.""Well, perhaps we can do something about that. I have this friend who works
in corporate security. Using the Internet, there isn't anybody he can't
find! Of course he usually uses it to find crooks and con-artists, but I'm
sure it would work to find Tim. It might take some time, but what you need
to do is gather as much information about him as you can that I can give to
my friend to give him some parameters in the search. Then we just
wait. It's as simple as that." I explained."And what will something like this cost?" He asked.
"Actually, nothing. Not only does preteen xxxxxx
my friend love to do this kind of stuff,
he also owes me preteen kiss pictures big- time for a number of favor's I've preteen youn girl done him over the
last year.""If you could do this, it would mean a preteen ukraine models lot to me!" he said."You get the information together, give it to me and I'll call my
friend. Ok?"He walked over and put his arms around me."It's very Ok." he said, leaning down and kissing me gently on the lips.We finally sat down and had breakfast then. We didn't talk much. preteen asian thumbs
We really
didn't feel the need to. We were happy just being together. But after I
cleared away the dishes and brought us more coffee, I decided to bring up
something that hot little preteens had been bothering me."Shawn, what about the Marine Corps. When do you have to go back and for
how long?" I asked, afraid of the answer."Well, actually, never." he said."What?!""I'm on what's called 'Terminal Leave'." he explained. "While I'm
technically still a member of the Corps, my discharge date and my last preteen models nymphets
of leave coincide so basically I have been mustered out and never have to
go back.""But what about all that 'one month's leave' stuff?" I sputtered."Well, that's true. I'm on one month's leave. At the end of that leave, I'm
a civilian again." he said. "I didn't lie to you. hot preteen cunts
I guess I did
intentionally mislead you. And I'm sorry for that. But I wanted to have a
way out in case it didn't work between us. Can you understand that?" he
begged."Yes. Unfortunately I can. You preteens hard didn't believe it could preteen nubile nudist happen and you
needed an escape clause in case it didn't. What would you have done in teen preteens gallery
month, just left preteen desnudas gratis
town?""No, I would have left long before that. I told you I was ready to leave
when we met. I thought about trying some other places first like San
Francisco or LA. Maybe New York. I wanted to try and find someplace I 'fit
in'. And I wanted to find someone to love. Is there anything wrong with
that?" he asked."No, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. And I understand exactly
where you're coming from. And, of course, none of this matters now, does
it?" I looked him in the eyes."Not in the least! I found you. I don't need to look any farther! You're
everything I was looking crazy preteen pics for and more." he vowed."Ok, then that brings up some other things. Certainly the few bags we
brought from the hotel aren't your entire possessions, are they?" I asked."Well, no. There's actually quite a bit of stuff. But it's in a storage
facility in San Diego. I didn't know where I was going to end up, so I put
it there until I found a permanent place. A friend of mine has the key to
the free preteens incest
facility and is willing to drive it here to me. His name's Mike. I told
him I'd pay for a U-Haul van to attach to my car and any of his expenses
plus put him bikinis for preteens up in a hotel here for a week and fly him back to San Diego if
he'd preteen nudist free bring the stuff to me. He can have it here in a few weeks. He just has
to arrange for leave." he explained."Well, that's taken care of. How much room will you need for everything?" I
said, worried about sex preteen naturist all the re-arranging that would have to be done."I don't have a lot. Some clothes, a computer, stereo system, my CD's bukkake preteens -
that kind of stuff. I'm not much on collecting things. The only thing that
really matters is my car. I almost drove it here, pretty hot preteen but I didn't want
anything to happen to it evie preteenmodel until I figured out where I was going to be so I
stored it, too.""What kind of car do you have?" I asked, noting the gleam in his eyes when
he mentioned it."A 73 Trans-Am with a 455! It's almost mint condition and it's worth some
bucks. I'd say at least $12,000 right now. It's preteen girls nudity
preteen galleries nude black with black leather
interior. I still have some work to do on it but it's a beauty!" he
enthused.Well, it was real obvious. This was a "car guy". And I couldn't
disagree. The heavy iron 'muscle cars' were favorites of mine, too."Well, we've got another parking young preteen movies space in the garage downstairs for it. It
will have as good a home as it's 'Daddy'." I laughed."Yeah! I guess it is kind of my baby," he said sheepishly."Same as my 'Vette is to me! So why don't you call your friend, Mike, and
tell him to get here as soon as possible?" I suggested."If you think so...." he faltered."What's the matter?" I could feel that he was suddenly very uncomfortable
for some reason."Well....I know that this is all really sudden for you. I mean, I'm used to
living with a bunch of other guys, but you've lived a long time alone. Are
you sure you're not going to miss that?" he said with concern."Oh, yeah! I'm asian preteen tits going to miss not having anybody to talk to. I'm going busty preteen stories
miss having to sit here eating dinner alone. And I'm especially going to
miss the wonderful feeling of lying in a big bed alone, wishing for
somebody to hold preteen childpreteen hard sex me. I'm going to miss all preteens nudes boys that! Not to mention how much
I'll miss that feeling of not having somebody preteens nude vip
who loves me." I said
quietly."I just wondered if you were feeling like we were rushing into this? I know
I'm not feeling that way. Things can't move fast enough for me! I've wanted
to be involved with somebody for a long time. I just was afraid. I knew it
would completely change my life. I knew I couldn't even consider it until I
was out of the Corps. And then there was the mess at top list preteen
home that I knew I'd
have to do something about. I just want to make sure you want this as much
as I do." he explained."Please, Shawn, I gave up believing I would ever meet someone like you! I
want this as much as you do. Believe that!" I swore."Ok, then I guess I'll call Mike in a little while. You know there's a 3
hour time difference there." he explained."Speaking of changing your life, we haven't talked much about that. What do
you want to do with your life now that you're leaving the Corps?" I asked."Well, I've thought about a lot of things, but there's one thing I've
always wanted to do. young preteen beauty
I want to go to school and become a doctor. Maybe
doing emergency know, trauma and stuff. I just don't know if
I've got what it takes academically. I did OK in high school and I had
really good SAT scores but I don't know if I've got what it takes." he
confessed."Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? You ppreteen model go to college and
find out. And we happen to have 2 medical schools in the area. There's the
one at the University of Miami and there's also one at Nova-Southeastern
University out in Davie. You decide where you want to go." I suggested."Well, I saved a lot of money through the Corps and russian preteen sexpics I have money to go to
school. I just don't know if I will get accepted." he said."Well...I might be able to help there. I'm an alumni of the University of
Miami and I happen to be a rather large contributor to the school. I think
we can get you candi preteen model in. The rest will be up to you, love." I assured him."God! That would be great! But I guess that will have to wait for a few
months. I guess we're in between semesters now." he said."That's probably true, but that's all the better. It gives us time to get
things arranged before you have to start. You'll have a chance to get
acclimated to south preteen teenies tinypreteen nude illegal Florida. perverted preteen pics And to being in a relationship." I smiled."I don't think I'll ever get 'acclimated' to that! I don't want to ever
feel like this isn't the most wonderful thing in my life!" he said."Don't worry. I'll remind you of that constantly." I giggled."Yeah! I bet preteen incest trailers you will!" he said, standing up and coming around that
table. "Don't you think it's time preteen free galeries we got out of here and saw some of Fort
Lauderdale?" he leaned down and kissed me gently on the cheek."You got it, Soldier! I've got some places to show you."We spent the rest of the day shopping and sightseeing. Among preteen love models the things we
bought was another ring. This one I bought for him. A simple gold ring with
a sapphire, his birth stone, in it. I also helped him pick out a suit so he
would have something nice to wear out to dinner or to the theatre.We went to a gay restaurant for lunch where we turned a few heads. I guess
they guys could tell that we were very much in love and I saw some looks of
sheer envy pointed our way. I hate to admit it, but I felt good about it. I
truly felt proud to be out with Shawn.When we got home, there was a message waiting for me from best russian preteens my friend who was
doing the search for Tim, the guy from Shawn's past. I called him. He told
me that Tim was living in preteen lotias showing
New York City where he had been working in the
theatre. He gave me additional shocking asian preteen
information about Tim. I took down the
information he had and thanked him, hung up the phone and walked into the
bedroom where Shawn was laying across the bed. I crawled into bed next almost preteen fuck to
him and he put his arms around me and drew me to him. He kissed me gently
and I settled my head against his shoulder."I have some news." I began."About what?" he asked."My friend who was searching for Tim called." I informed him."Did he have any luck?" he asked."Yes, he did. He found Tim. He's in New York City." I told him."Great! I glamour preteen babes
can go to see him, then." he said."Yes, we can. But we're going to have to go very soon. In fact, I'm going
to call the airlines and make reservations for preteens nudism tomorrow." I informed him."Why the rush?" he asked, concern in his voice."Shawn, I don't know any other way to tell you this but straight out. pre teen dildo Tim
is in a hospice. He's dying of AIDS." I said quietly.Shawn just stared at me for several minutes. I could see the impact of my
words written on his face. And then I preteen beauty model
saw tears begin to fill his eyes. I
reached up and pulled him down to me and he collapsed on my shoulder and
began crying. I held him while he sobbed, stroking his head and letting him
cry it out. After a while, he quieted down and went to sleep clutching me
to him. I lay there holding him and eventually fell asleep with him.There would be time enough tomorrow to deal with what Shawn wanted to do
about this situation. I'm glad I was there to hold him and for him to hold
onto me. I loved this man. There was no way around it. More than that, I
respected and liked him. And preteen sex animated
maybe, that was the more important thing.
End of Part VIA lot of people have asked if the Marine I've dedicated this story to is my
lover. No, unfortunately I don't have a lover now. The Marine is exactly
what I said he was - a friend. And as you know if you've read this or any
of my other stories, to me a 3d porn preteen friend is the most important person in the
world.If you liked the story, write me at Please remember to
mention the name of the story you're writing about.And nude preteen barby if you liked the story, remember pussy soft preteen that without the Nifty site, you
wouldn't be reading it! So how little preteen black about making a donation to keep the site
free? Thank you!RimPig
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