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From: "Ronald K. Fortaleza, Jr."
Subject: THE EROTIC LADIES OF MESA VISTA: MESA underage nymphet bbs guestbook VISTA JACKS AND JILLSLadies and gentlemen, I have returned to the land of Mesa top 50 nymphet
Vista. Now just
to let you all know once more, if you are under the age of 18, live where
it is unlawful to read this type of story, or find the notion of adult
women being in love with teenage girls offensive and objectionable, then
please do us a favor and little nymphet portal leave here right now! Also, the following will
include some incest between two different mothers top nymphet site and their young sons, as
well. Like before, incest is morally and legally wrong free nymphets hot
in the real world so
please do not, I mean DO NOT try any of the things you are about to read
here at home!!!! Any more questions? If not, then let us begin, shall we?THE EROTIC LADIES OF MESA VISTA: MESA VISTA JACKS AND JILLSSaturday was the first nymphet drunk day of March not too long ago. nn nude nymphet
It would be a perfect
day to try something bold and even ground-breaking as this story shall
relate.It all started on that Saturday, not too long ago. Jill Benson, little
Jack's mother, and Jennifer Sutton, Jeremy's mother, were busily making any
last minute preparations before the big all day party that was about to
happen. Just then, at around 12Noon, the doorbell rang."Jeremy, see who it is", told Jennifer to her soon to be 15-year old son as
he sauntered over to the door while his mother helped Jack's mother lay
down the last of the Persian nymphets studios toplist
rugs on the carpet in the front room.Jeremy opened the door and it was his two schoolmates, Stacy McHaskell and
Caitlyn Armendariz. Both nymphets photos free freshmen were dressed rather casually little sweet nymphetts
as they made
their presences known to their young male friend."Hello, Jeremy, are we late?""No, dudes, yer just in time. Come on in", replied Jeremy in his trademark
navy blue wool beanie cap as he bade them enter."Jeremy, who's at the door?", called out his mother to him."It's just us, Stacy and Caitlyn, Miss nymphets stories xxx Sutton."Jennifer walked into view towards them as she greeted the two girls from
Jeremy's school."Howdy ladies, glad you could make it", said Jennifer as she hugged and
kissed each of the girls passionately and lovingly."My mom said we should come over to your house because she said this might
be for a good cause", said Caitlyn as she stood by Stacy."You better believe nymphets erotics
it is, you two young ladies. Now march your pretty
little behinds into the next room and teen nymphets collection disrobe. We'll begin shortly just as
a few more people arrive", instructed Jennifer as she pointed towards the
hall with her right index finger.As the girls made their horny nymphets pics way towards the threshold of the hall, she
playfully patted their rear ends, one by one which pleasantly surprised
both of them"Now get naked you two cute little studkittens", said Jennifer as she took
Jeremy by the hand and led him down the hall after them in a playfully
coquettish, yet intimate manner.As the two teens and their hostess and son were getting undressed, the
doorbell rang. It was Jill Benson nymphet clip who walked up to answer in her silken
robe with her blonde hair nymphet 10yo pic tied back in a ponytail. The door opened to
reveal erotic nymphet drawings two stunning beautiful women with matching red hair and blue
eyes. The woman looked older than her daughter, but was more statuesque in
a Bridgette Bardot kind of way while the young girl of 15 looked nearly
exactly like her mother, though moderately shapelier as she was dressed underage nymphets ls
navy blue tight t-shirt, skinny black jeans, and pair of black ballet
styled sneakers on her feet."Hello, is this the Sutton residence?""Yes, you both are in the right place. Please do come in and you can
undress in the kitchen", said Jill as she bade them both welcome.Once inside, the redhaired woman gave both her and her daughter's names:
Lynyrde and Lindsey Bowen. As mother and daughter were busily undressing nymphet boylove
the kitchen, the final two guests arrived."Hey, Jill. No time, no see",said Daine as she nymphet nude sex
entered and hugged the
petite blondehaired bbs rompl nymphets
woman."It's been awhile, Daine. Glad you could make it. Now if you will get
undressed we can begin shortly.Just then, the final guest arrived. She was Shannon Ramirez, a shapely
36-year old Irish-Hispanic woman with an above underage nude nymphets pics the shoulder bobcut of
centered parted brownish-black hair slightly feathered."I'm so glad you could make it, Shannon. We wouldn't think of starting
without you.""I told my husband I needed little nude nymphetes to run some errands for the afternoon, Jill. Is
everbody here?""You bet. It will be just the ten of us and cherry list nymphets no one else this afternoon. I
know a place where you can take off your clothes", said Jill as she led
Shannon away from the door and towards the backyard.It was 30 minutes later when all ten participants were present and
accounted for....and the place was well prepared with the following items.Several Persian rugs were shy nymphets porn laid down on the carpeted floor with plush silken
pillows to provide comfort for any head while a huge big blue ball with
wrist and ankle restraints was close by followed by a lightly stained
wooden x-frame with the same wrist and ankle restraints. There were also
two erotic sawhorses with two plush doe heads towards the front while
towards the boy nymphets tgp
ends were placed vaginal pockets. Also in that setting were
portable black walls with holes through them followed finally by an
assortments of devices and contraptions nymphets lnad of a masturbatory nature. This was
going to be private nymphets galleries a masturbation party for charity and everyone involved was
ready to participate....once the ground rules were set by the two
hostesses."We like to welcome each and everyone of you all to nymphet kids the first bi-annual
masturbation party called Mesa Vista Jacks and Jills. As the names imply,
this is going to be a masturbatory event which means not nude nymphets that there will be
some forbidden nymphet chill pics rules for each and everyone of you to follow.""First off, there will be no insertion or penetration of any vaginal, oral,
or anal orifices by any penis of any kind unless we instruct
otherwise. Remember, this is a masturbation party, not an actual
orgy....yet. Are there any nude little pedo nymphet further questions before we all begin?"Jennifer saw a hand from Lindsey raise right up as she pointed to young nymphet top net her."Yes, Linds?""We do get to have sex later....right?""Yes, you all will get a chance to, but right now, if there is nothing
else, then let's find a place to get comfortable in and begin, shall we
ladies....and gentlemen?", said Jill as she regarded her soon to be 12-year
old son and Jeremy.
And they were all off.....Daine and Shannon placed their tiny nymphet sites erect cocks through the black portable glory
holes as they began to feel their wild nymphets top members being manipulated
electronically. Both women moaned with their eyes closed as they raised
their heads up and smiled excitedly as they felt their clitoral cocks pearl nymphets
stimulated while across from them, the girls were laying on their backs on
the Persian rugs with their heads upon the pillows. Their legs were spread
apart as they pleasured themselves....anyway they knew how!As the girls were doing that, Lindsey's mother, Lynyrde was on her back
atop the big blue rubber nymphets bbs underground
ball with her wrists nymphet nudes portals and ankles fastened into the
restraints while her legs and arms were spread apart. nymphet underground She felt her own
erection strain at the brink of pain as she was anxious to be once!"Oh please someone come and relieve me of my most painful hard-on!", called
out Lynyrde plaintively, but with a smile across her face as the two
hostesses were seeing to their sons ukraine nymphet photos pleasure and comfort nymphet child models atop the
sawhorses."Now, Jack. Just think of something wonderful that makes you feel super
good and just push your penis in and out of the vaginal pocket. Mommy will
return to you shortly", cooed Jill to her equally beautiful free ebony nymphets young son as
the boy began to korean nymphet
earnestly pump his little ukrainien nymphet
erection in and out of the
pocket.Jeremy was little nymphet hentei doing the same thing under the instruction of his own
mother....with a little added incentive for she placed a vibrator up litle nymphets bbs into
his anus with the power turned on. The buzzing sensation of the vibrator up
his butt made the 15-year old brunette boy with the messy hair under the
dark blue knit beanie push his erect cock in and out of the pussy pocket on
the sawhorse he was laying on. He was moaning softly all the while as his
mother began to slowly shove the image boards nymphets
electronic sexual aid deeper and deeper
into his behind until it could go no deeper."You toplist teen nymphets like that, dontcha, Jeremy", cooed his nymphet and mother as she shoved the toy as
deep into his butt as it would go."Ohhhhh Mommmmmm.....",moaned the teen boy as he continued to push his cock
in and out of the vaginal pocket with the intensity of a bull putting it to
a cow inside a barn on cold dark night.Seeing that Jack had the hang of the sawhorse, Jill got up and walked over
to Lynyrde who was on the big blue ball. They smiled at each other as she
began to rock the toy back and forth, up and down, and every which ukrainian nymphets org way."Now what I want you to do Lyn is to think of something nice sweet nymphets tgp and
wonderful. Your penis will eventually burst its gourd soon enough",
instructed Jill as she continued to rock the ball in every direction
imagineable with nude junior nymphets both hands.The redhaired woman closed her eyes and licked her lips as she began to
imagine the most wonderful sexual experience she had had magical futaba nymphet in underground love nymphet her life. While
she was doing that, something wonderful was about to happen: her cock was
suddenly throbbing 16 yo nymphet tits like crazy until at last.... it spewed forth its
contents like a water fountain at a forum bbs nymphets city park. Lynyrde moaned with her
mouth agape and her eyes closed as her cock spewed forth its precious seed
as it spat up into the air and where it landed, no one knew. The redhead
gasped and sighed as her cock burst forth its semen as Jill gently rocked
the ball she was restrained to on her back back and forth and sideways. She
took pleasure in seeing a woman enjoying herself most graciously as the
redhead's erection slowly began to subside after spewing its cream until at
last Lynyrde dozed off into a nap of some sort. Meanwhile, Daine and
Shannon swim teen nymphets were fuck nymphet dolls about to spew their own contents as the vibrating sensations
that engulfed and enclosed their cocks were about to let out their own
contents. And sure enough, they did! Like waterfalls, Daine and Shannon's
cocks rained down into the buckets below them their thick hot cream! They
both sighed as they thrust themselves against the glory holes until they
could thrust no more as they held onto them. Their eyes were closed and
their mouths agape as they sighed and moaned audibly, signalling the girls
on the rugs to do the same. Within a ten minute cycle, each of the three
girls let out their seeds as they shot up into the air with a tremendous
force. Their teenage nymphets video hands continued to stroke their cocks back and forth even as
they burst forth their love juices. Where they landed, no one really knew
as well. Just then, the boys let out their own orgasms as they both came
inside the pussy pockets of the sawhorses rusia nymphet bbs
they ukrainian nymphets forum laid upon on their
stomachs. It felt good. Really good and special as each of the guests
reveled in their own orgasmic outcomes, relieving themselves of their pent
up for the week sexual tensions. They all moaned and smiled warmly and
lovingly petite galleries nymphets as they finished ejaculating their contents and were blissfully
content to relax from they each lay for about a few minutes or so.
A few short minutes later, Stacy and Caitlyn were on the sawhorses while
Jack and Jeremy were pressing themselves against the gloryholes just as
Daine, Shannon, and Lynyrde were on the rugs flat on their backs nymphets for free with their
legs spread apart. It was Lindsey who was on the x-frame this time sweet nymphette xxx with her
wrists and ankles restrained as Jill slowly masturbated her from
behind. The young redhead's cock erected itself to ten and a half inches in
length as the girl closed her eyes and relaxed rape nymphet on the wooden x-frame while
Jack's mother stimulated underaged nymphets bbs her with her pics nymphet capable hands."You like this, baby girl? sweet russian 6 nymphets You like it when I stroke you off, my dear?',
asked Jill to Linds as she whispered steamily into her ear as the little nymphets gallery girl kept
her head reared up with her eyes closed bbs nymphet com
as she smiled."Ohhhh yesssssss......",moaned the teen as she surrendered herself to the
kindly, yet powerful machinations of her hostess.This was still for a good cause.The two girls and two boys emptied their semen into the pussy pockets and
buckets when it came time. This time, their orgasms were more intense and
powerful as they litlle nude nymphet all moaned and sighed merrily in ecstacy. Seeing this,
Jennifer knew in her heart that she had done the right thing in educating
her son in the sexual arts as she took pride in the little nymphets cloud point of
shedding a tear Once they free photos artistic nymphets were done, they all turned their eyes towards
Jill as she brought Lindsey off to a most wonderful climax. The teen
redhead emptied her semen into the bucket below and before her like a
waterfall. The amount was copious, but not as copious as her mother's own
ejaculate. It looked viscous and creamy as her penis poured its sperm down
into the nymphets sample video bucket thickly and deeply. She moaned all the while as nymphets russian incest Jill kissed
her every few minutes until at last she could come no more!"How was that, my darling?", asked Jill whispering into Lindsey's ear."It was wonderful. You were wonderful, just like my Mom", cooed Lindsey to
Jill with a smile across her face. Jill reached over and kissed her
erotically much to the admiration of everyone present that Saturday
afternoon.They all took a quick lunch break to replenish and refresh themselves as
food was provided for them, but they waited another hour to digest their
food until they were ready to once again engage in ukraine nn nymphets even more hijinks.The
naked teens sat on little desires nymphet bbs
the nymphet little porn rugs with their legs crossed upon each other as they
looked upon the four adult women. Daine and Shannon were already naked as
they flaunted their natural good looks before the excited teens, but the
surprises were about to come when the hostess reappeared from down the
hall....naked as they all were....and with erections all their own!"My, my, Miss Benson where did you and Miss Sutton get your cocks from?",
asked Lindsey amazedly as she stared agape at illegal nymphets sex pics their cockheads as child bbs nymphets
peered little nymphets models nude
oout from sexe nymphets their clitoral hoods."It's our little secret", replied Jill as she and Jennifer looked to each
other, smiling before they returned their gazes to the teens gathered here
at preeteen nymphet the moment."Are you kids ready for some real fun?", asked Jill."You little nymphets pics links bet, Miss Benson", replied Stacy with a twinkle in her blue eyes."Then come join us", proclaimed Shannon as she beckoned to them with a come
hitherto gesture.Daine, Shannon, and Lynyrde stood in front of Stacy, Caitlyn, and Lindsey
with their legs spread apart as they began to pull and tug at their members
slowly at first, then more gradually until they were in a good pace. They
looked down at them girls as they knelt before, licking their lips in
anticipation of youngest nymphets girls what was to come their way. All the while the hostesses and
their sons watched; Jeremy was on his hands and knees as lilltle nymphets
Jill was behind
him on her knees with her hands upon his buttocks and her cock deep inside
his anus while Jennifer was doing the same thing with Jack.The four watched
as the three women prepared to blow their wads all over the kneeling girls
until as if in synch, they all came together! The girl nymphet photo three ladies spewed their
ejaculate all over the teen girls as they lapped it up in their faces just
as the hostesses shot their loads in each other's sons' nymphet cp lol behinds just as the
boys shot their nymphets babe nude loads all over the carpeted floor.It russian nymphet pictures was a short time later until the ladies were on the floor on their backs
with their legs spread as they manipulated their hard-ons as the kids stood
above or knelt beside them as they too pulled at their hardened puds.In no
time, the kids too shot their loads down upon the stomachs just as they
ladies shot their loads up into the air. It was raining newstar nymphet semen as torrents
and torrents splashed down upon each another as it was one seemingly
endless cum storm! They moaned and sighed softly and lovingly nymphet movies
as they shot
their loads alll over each other anew for the next several hours until....
As the day grew late, the Bowens, Shannon, and Daine excused themselves one
by lo nymphet galleries one, giving their thank-yous to nymphet hentai
their hostesses before leaving for the
evening."I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Miss Benson",
said Lynyrde as she shook hands with Jack's mother."I'm free nymphette pics
glad you both could make it. We should do this more often....with a
few more people volunteering their time and effort in the process",said
Jill as she and wrapped her arms around Lynyrde as the redhead reached down
and kissed her.Jennifer wrapped her arms around little nymphet fucking Lindsey and kissed her too before looking
into each other's eyes."You've got the most beautiful eyes, Miss Sutton", commented Lindsey as she
stared into Jennifer's brownish hazel eyes with her own blue eyes."Thank you, Linds", sweet nude asian nymphets said Jennifer as she kissed the teen one more time
before releasing her to her mother.The couple bade their farewells to their hostesses as they walked out the
door as it closed behind them. Once the invited guests were gone, Jennifer
and Jill turned to Jeremy, Jack, filipina nude nymphets Stacy, and Caitlyn."Who wants seconds of each other's semen?""We do, Miss Benson!!!", shouted the four teens as the ladies strutted
towards their young paramours and began to once again engage in some coital
THE ENDI hope you all enjoyed this little story from Mesa Vista. In the coming
weeks, there will be new stories in the Mesa Vista nymphets 8 14 universe that will
involve a variety of combinations to be decided and announced in the near
future. As topless underage nymphets of now, if you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints,
please feel free to send them to and I will see if I
can answer them as best as I can. So until then, this is still Keith over
and out and bye for now!
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