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From: Jason
Subject: Milking Duty 2 The next day Jason felt like a new person. The sun was shining
bright while he went about his daily chores. He ran last nights events
through his mind over and over and it seemed to get hotter each time it was
replayed. Jason took a break from patching the fence and looked out across
pasture. In the distance, he could see the silos of Mike's farm. Jason
wondered to himself what Mike was thinking about. Did he enjoy what had
happened last night? Would he want to do it again? Jason's concentration
was broken as his father spoke aloud. "What the hell are teen nude pageant you doin?""Just takin a break" Jason stammered."Well ya need to git yer ass in gear, guess ya think that the damned hole
in the fence is gonna fix itself?""Yeah, yeah dad, I'm doin it," Jason said rolling his eyes as he turned his
back to his father.Jason wondered what the hell big teen tits his father was doing. Today was Saturday and
he knew that his father always went to the stockyards with his brother.
Well Jason really did not images teen porn
care, these past few weeks, his father's attitude
was nearly more than he could bare. Thank God that he would soon be moving
off to school male and teen porn
and would have at least some relief. Jason looked up and saw
two blue birds chattering in the tree above. He stood there for a moment,
watching the leaves dancing in the wind. In the distance he heard a cow
bawl. He looked at young teen cheerleader porn his watch and realized that it would soon be milking
time again. He teen girl bad porn finished up the fence and wondered off toward porn all teen the barn.Jason went about the mundane chores of the barn as usual, expecting to
spend the next two hours listening to the radio mp4 teen sex and talking to the cows.
Little did he know that he was about to be paid a visit. Mike was on his
way there.Jason grabbed the milker and threw the hose over his shoulder so that it
would not touch the ground and walked between two of the black and white
cows and squatted down to fit the milker on the cow. Something caught his
eye and as he looked under the cows' stomach, he could see a pair of black
rubber boots, covered in mud, coming through the milk porn teen over 18 room and into the
parlor. At first Jason feared that it was his father, but he soon realized
that the walk was different. Jason immediately stood up and stepped out
from between the cows only to run into Mike's chest. Both boys jumped, not
expecting each other to be there. "Damn, ya little short shit!" Mike
laughed. "ya gotta grow a little so a feller can see ya standin tween them
cows and ya don't scare the hell out of `em .""Piss off ya fucker," Jason teen porn vidio clips
retorted "What the hell are ya models non nude teen
doin here
anyway?""Talked ma sister inta milkin tonight so I could come see what you was
doin.""Same ol shit, milkin the fuckin cows." Jason's mind was roaring with
questions. Mike hadn't been here teen porn frree while he was milking in some time, like
three years. Why did he come? What was on his young teen female porn
mind? my teen porn He free nude amature teens
wanted to know
the answers to his questions teen porn sexy
but knew that he could not ask. What if Mike
found out how much he enjoyed what they had done the night before. No, he
could not risk that. He would play it as cool as he could and let Mike
explain.if he would. "What did ya have ta give yer sister to git 'er ta
milk for ya?" Jason asked."Aw, I gave her twenty bucks, and I promised not ta squeal on 'er cause her
and her boyfriend was makin out at the end of the driveway last japnese teen porn night, she
really is a slut, ya know?" Mike teen titans cartoon porn laughed.Jason heard the suction break on a milker and turned to fix it. He reached
under the cow and pulled a teat cup off then raised up and smiled at Mike
and said "don't reckon wet free teen porn she's much different than her slut brother.""Yeah, shutup bitch." Mike said as he flicked the rim of Jasons' cap. "So
whatcha doin tonight after ya git done here?""Nothin I don't reckon, I was gonna call ya later and see what you were
gonna do, but I guess since ya here now there probably teen kinky porn pics ain't no need in it
now," Jason laughed. "Ya got any ideas?""Well we still got the rest of that that Makers ta finish, and I found this
in ma room this mornin." With that Mike pulled out a half of a pint of amatuer lesbian teens Jim
Beam from the crotch of his dirty blue jeans. He shook it in a circular
manner so that the brown liquid sloshed inside the bottle.Jason's eyes had stayed a black teen porn pics bit longer on Mike's crotch than normal, and Mike
noticed. Jason raised his eyes to the bottle and then to Mikes' ass porn teen
which was covered with an almost sinful smile. Jason realized that he had
been caught in the act, and returned Mike's smile. As the two boys stood
there, only inches away from one another, the sexual tension started to
build. They both teen titain porn
felt it, and Mike broke the awkward but enjoyable moment.
"Ya sucked ma dick good american teen boy porn
last night man." Jason watched as Mike reached
down and grabbed the growing bulge in his pants."Uhhh, thanks." Jason stuttered, almost in shock as to what his friend had
said. Nervously, Jason turned to take the milker off the cow that he was
standing behind. As he squatted down beside the cow, Mike walked a bit
closer and smiled his devilish smile and said "that don't mean ya gotta
drop to yer knees little man.""Yeah, fuck you too bitch." Jason laughed, his face blushing."Well I need ta go, told pop that I would run by the store and git some of
that calf feed for em. Meet me at the church tonight around cute teen girl porn
nine, ok?"
Mike turned and walked toward the milkroom gothic teen girl porn door."OK, I'll be there dude. asian teen anal
Later!""Later!"Jason's mind raced to the point that he thought that he may have to sit
down. Of all the reactions that he had expected form Mike, that was nudist teen porn
least suspected. He thought about Mike's hardon and how exciting it was to
see it in the daylight. Jason teen titan porn pics continued with his chores, only they had a
much more enjoyable tone. There was the feeling of anticipation and Jason
could hardly wait to see Mike tonight. The butterflies in his stomach were
making his head dizzy, yet he knew that there was not a more pleasurable
feeling on this earth, than the one he felt at this moment. For some
reason, he started to wonder if this feeling in his stomach was love. He
had known Mike for some time and he had always enjoyed his company. He had
even looked forward to the time they spent together, but this was different
and he knew it.The truth be known, this was just a eighteen-year-old guy, yearning free teen cumshots
for sex
with another guy. Jason cared for Mike, but a long lasting relationship
was unfathomed. Jason had no animal farm teen porn
clue as to what he felt. Even though he
suspected love, he knew deep interrracial teen porn down that this was more along the lines of
lust. Somehow, thinking of these feelings as love helped make them easier
to take. These were totally new sensations for Jason. He had never felt
this kind of passion for anything.Jason took the milker off of try teen porn the last cow teen first sex
and followed her to the door.
The cow slowed as she young teen sex video started down the ramp leading into pasture that
adjoined the barn. texas teen hardcore porn Jason had his hand on 18 teen xxx the cow's hip and he could feel
the heat emanating from her body. The hair of her coat was smooth and
shiny. Jason stood at the door of the barn and watched the cow free pree teen porn pick her
steps through the mud. He looked up and the stars were already extreme teen lesbian porn beginning
to shine. The moon had risen and it's glow illuminated the white spots of
the real teen porn vidios
cows that stood in the night air. The dew had fallen and once again
the grass was shining. In the distance, there was a dog barking. From this
vantagepoint, not a single man-made teen schoolgirls porn
light could be seen. Only the lights
from the barn shown through the field, giving those shadows that are
morbidly out of proportion. Jason looked at his shadow and it looked as
though he were at least fourteen feet tall. He laughed to himself, he knew
that he was way shorter than that. He turned and walked into the milk
room. He looked at the clock on the wall.a quarter `til eight. Soon it
would be time to meet Mike. His stomach fluttered at the very thought of
it. Jason hurried free teen porn gallery
through the rest of his chores and hurried to the house
to get ready for his night.As Jason neared the house, he could hear the radio going in the shed. He
knew that his father was young teen gay porn there. He walked by as quietly as he could. He
did not want to get detained by some speech of hard work and a honest
living. God knows he was sick of hearing that shit. He trotted across the
yard and stepped onto the porch. He paused to scratch the free lesbean teen porn dog's neck and
then went into the house. "Hey mom!" Jason said in a most chipper mood."Well who lit a fire under your ass?" His mom looked at him with a smile
on her face."Nobody, just in a good mood I reckon. Is there somethin wrong with that?""No I don't reckon. Where're ya goin tonight? You remember that teen porn creampie
goin to your grandma's tomorrow? Don't be out all hours of the
last night. I swear, you boys can waste more time doin nothin than any two
I've seen."Jason turned his back to his mother and smiled, thinking to himself that if
she only knew how they had passed the time last night. "Yeah I won't be."Jason kicked off his shoes and bounded up the stairs. He noticed that his
mother had picked the clothes up out of the teen girls pussy
chair and folded them.and made
his bed. He teen high school porn walked to the stack of clothes, snatched some items from it,
knocking them over on the bed. He did not even turn on the radio. He had
to be ready soon, no time for that now. He went down the stairs and into
the bathroom and shut the door. As he stood in the shower, the hot water
hitting his face, his stomach fluttered again. He could hardly wait. He
hurried through his shower and got dressed. He kissed his mother on the
cheek as he left and said "don't wait up!"Jason rounded the curve and there was Mike, waiting for him. Jason pulled
up and free average teen porn Mike teen thong porn jumped in, with two bottles yougest teen porn
of whiskey. Their night had begun.A couple of hours later, Mike had started to drive. They had both drank a
generous amount, Jason more so than Mike. The night had went as usual,
they drank, listened to music and talked about the usual stuff. teen gay video Mike
turned down the road and Jason's heart jumped. They were headed back
toward the church. Would it happen again tonight? God he hoped so. The
conversation had tapered off. It seemed they both knew what needed to
happen asian teen porn stars next. Jason watched as they approached the church but was surprised
as they passed it by. "where we goin?" Jason asked."Aw I figured we'd run down to that farm pop bought. It's down there on
that dead end road. Not much traffic ya know." Jason looked at teen porn move
face and could see him wink at him and smile. Yes! Jason thought. The
place was not far, but both boys rode in silence. Mike pulled the stick
back and the green 4x4 light glowed on the grandmother and teen porn dash. Jason could hear the mud
splash and the road was quite rough. The boys pulled up to an old barn.
Even harcdcore teen porn
if there was traffic on the road, they could not be seen. Mike turned
the truck off and lit a cigarette and guzzled the last of the Jim Beam.
Jason looked forward, free 365 teen porn the anticipation was more than teen sex camp
he could stand, yet he
kept his cool. Jason turned up juicy teen porn the Makers Mark bottle and took a drink.
The whiskey stung gay teen pictures his throat and his eyes started to water."Well here we are." Mike said as he exhaled. "Whatcha wanna do now?""Don't know, whatcha got in mind?" Jason asked as he smiled at his friend,
fully expecting little underage teen porn his friend to ask for a blowjob."I wanna fuck you." Mike said, staring intently at Jason."Gee man I ain't sure I can do that, sounds kinda painful.""Aw c'mon. It won't hurt. I'll be real gentle.""Yeah well it ain't that I'm worried about, yer dick is big man.""It ain't that big. Sides, I know that you'd like it."Reluctantly, Jason gave in, fearing the pain that he was sure to
experience. Both boys got out of the truck and Mike grabbed a blanket from
behind the seat. He spread it out on the ground and started to undress.
Jason followed his lead. The moon was shining bright and Jason could see
the glare of it on Mike's shoulders. ukrainian teen porn Jason slid his soccer shorts off and
stood there watching Mike, who was now totally naked, sitting on the ground
and stroking his cock. Mike motioned Jason to sit. Jason lowered himself
to his knees and high school teen porn
looked Mike in the face, half with anticipation and half
with fear. Mike said "what's wrong man? Told you there ain't nothin to
worry bout.""That's easy for you ta say, you ain't about ta have a dick shoved in yer
ass." Jason laughed nervously."C'mon, turn around here and let me crack that ass for ya." With that,
Jason turned and put his back to Mike and stood on his hands and knees. He
could hear Mike spitting on his dick. He himself had a raging hardon that
ached. Mike spit in his hand and started rubbing Jason's ass. Chills ran
up his spine and Mike felt Jason shutter with sheer ecstasy. Slowly, Mike
inserted his finger into Jason while he massaged his cock with his other
hand. The sensation almost drove Mike to orgasm right there. The
tightness and heat was incredible. He had been with several girls and none
of them were ever this tight or hot. Jason closed his eyes and freeyoung teen porn
his teeth. Mike's finger felt like it was as big around as a baseball bat.
His mind raced as he thought that if this was just his finger, what would
his dick be like. Jason started to sweat, both from the heat of the moment
and the whiskey. His head was spinning and he had to keep reminding
himself that this was not a dream. Mike too, had started to sweat. He
could hardly wait to fuck his best friend. The thought of it nearly made
him nut on the spot. After brace face teen porn
what seemed hours, Mike said "ya mother teen free porn
ready man?""ready as I'm gonna be" Jason said in a shaky voice. He heard Mike
spitting in his hand again and felt teen slut video the wetness forum teen sex
on his ass. He heard the
spit on teen porn sample clips Mike's cock teen kiddy porn boys
pop and crackle as he readied himself to penetrate.
Mike was on his knees and he moved closer to Jason and held his dick
straight out and pressed it against Jason's ass. porn teen movies
Jason dug his hands into
the grass and stiffened his back to accommodate his friends' wishes. Mike
felt Jason's heat on his cockhead and an instant smile came across his
face. german nude teen pictures The first sensation of Mike's cock entering his ass were wonderful.
The pain soon followed. hot porn teen video
Jason moaned, half in ecstasy and half in pain.
"Fuck man that fuckin hurts!" ay teen porn
Jason said in a strained voice. Mike heard
the words but was teen porn crying now obsessed with burying his cock as deep in Jason as he
possibly could. Mike volleyball teen porn let go of his cock and grabbed Jasons' narrow hips
and began to push his cock in deeper. Jason squirmed and writhed under teen tiffany porn his
friends' onslaught but never once tried to pull young teens xxx away. Mike grabbed Jasons'
shoulders and pushed the last few inches of his cock into his assaulted
ass. Jason felt Mikes pubic hair and his hips press against his ass, he
knew that finally he had taken it all. The pain was so teen x porn
intense that he
could hardly stand it. He did not want to pull away, yet he was afraid to
move. He started to doubt that this was as enjoyable as he had once
thought. The two boys were motionless for some teen orgy video
time and Mike broke the
silence when he said "damn yer ass if fresh teen porn daily
fuckin tight!""yer dick is fuckin big as hell! I ain't sure I can do this man." Jason
said in meek voice."Yer doin fine man. An gay teen porn photos ass this good, won't take me long at all."Mike began teen porn vidio sex
to medium sized teen porn pull his cock out and then to gently push it back in. By
this time, Jason had loosened up some and it began to get more and more
pleasurable. In a matter of seconds, the sensation of having young teen girls porn
a cock in his
ass was the best he ever imagined. Mike increased the pace as the two let
out pretty teen girls porn
the sounds of sex. Grunts and moans filled the night air. Jason knew
that Mike was teen girl porn stars getting close by porn teen shemale galleries his breathing. He remembered when they used
to jack off and how his breath was always a sure indicator that he was
about to blow. Suddenly, Mike let out a growl that must have come from his
toes. He grabbed sample teen porn free
Jason's shoulders and thrust his cock so deep into Jason
that he nearly knocked his arms out from under them. Mike leaned down on
top of Jason and wrapped his arms around his chest. Jason could feel
Mike's breath on the back of his neck and Mike squeezed his chest so hard
that it was difficult to draw in the deep breaths that they both needed.
Jason could feel Mike's cock spasm inside his ass and he could feel Mike's
sweaty chest on his back. The two remained in this position frre teen porn for several
minutes. Mike finally stood back up on his knees and sat back on his
haunches, pulling Jason back with him never pulling an inch of his cock
from Jason's ass. Jason immediately began to beat off. He could feel the
tingling of his battered ass and as the thought of Mike's cock still tucked
in his ass crossed his mind, he shot his load. Mike had his arms around
Jason's stomach and his head on Jason's shoulder watching his friend jerk
off. Mike felt Jason's ass tense as he started to cum. japanese teen porn thriller A smile came
across Mike's face, one of satisfaction. He was afraid at first spy cam teen porn
that he
would hurt his best friend and that this would be the only time he would
enjoy this. teen titans porn video He realized now that Jason had enjoyed this immensely and that
made him feel good. His friend had given him his ass and he had returned
the favor by giving hot gay teen back lots of pleasure.After a while the two pulled apart and lay on their back looking at the
stars. They talked about college and cars and chores. They drank more
whiskey and they laughed as they put their clothes back on. They did not
talk about what had happened. Neither of them needed to. They had both
wanted it to happen and they were glad that it did. They felt closer to
one another now than teen porn vagina lick
they ever had.Jason dropped Mike off at his car at Saint Ivo and drove down the road
toward his house. The events of the evening flashed through his mind and
he could not help but smile. Jason reached down and turned the radio up.
He was driving a bit faster than he should have. When he glanced back to
the road, there was an animal there, a teen porn +ebony +squirting
big one. Jason swerved to miss the
animal and everything went black. What nude teen porn pictures
seemed like hours later, someone
was slapping his face. In a drunken stupor he looked up to see Jacob, his
friend standing there. "What happened?" Jason asked in a pained voice."Man ya fucked up teen lesbian sites about five of yer dads teen video porn fence posts." Jacob said in
worried tone of voice. "Yer dad is gonna crucify nude hot teen porn you!"Jason climbed out of his truck and walked around the front of it. He could
not believe his eyes. In the light of the headlights, Jacob noticed the
huge gash in Jason's forehead. "Man you are for real bleeding like a stuck
hog." Jacob adjusted Jason's head to get a better view. Jason was in
disbelief, his parents would not only crucify him...they would burn the
corpse as well..
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