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(A Dietrech)
Subject: Story: ????? 1/1 TG, femdom
Date: 31 Dec 1994 00:37:04 -0500 young forced fuck It didn't take my Mistress too long to complete my feminization and
training, after all, that is what illegal young virgin I originally wanted. But the process
had taken several strange turns and now I was beginning to have many
First of all, the aerobic regimen which she had placed me on had
resulted in more weight loss than I thought was good for me. Although I
am 5'8" and originally weighed 160 young sex incest
pounds, she had reduced my weight to a
svelte 135 pounds. I hadn't weighed this little since the little young tits eighth grade.
Although not buxom by any stretch of the young naked thais
imagination, the combination of
diet and exercise had resulted in measurements of 36-27-35 and I fully
filled up the b cups on my bra, all without hormones or implants.
Mistress Johanna young petite photos had already taken me to fashionable shops in the mall
where I was fitted for my new wardrobe. After all, when her
transformation process was complete, I would resign from my management
position and young gay boy begin working for young uk pussy her sister's clothing company as an
executive secretary. I now had a complete, career girl's wardrobe which I
was probably going to spend the rest of my working life in, tailored suits
and formal dresses.
It was late on young boy mature Friday evening, I had just finished clearing the supper
table when my Mistress summoned me to the living room where she announced
that she gas taking me to a party tomorrow evening at Master Wilson's home
where she was going to proudly introduce me to her circle of friends,
exhibiting my form to them for their approval, illegal young pictures and later, european young virgins their use and
pleasure. To me, their use and pleasure, sounded very ominous, but since
I had yet to attend one of these parties, I really didn't know what to
The next day I completed gay young movie all of my chores early and my Mistress had
secured me in my cell in art porn young the basement with the instructions to prepare
myself for my big coming out party. This I did by shaving everywhere
extra carefully. As Mistress young secretary
Johanna was kind enough to plump young
have had my hair
cut yesterday, all I did was style it for the best effect.
As I continued young girls undressing
with this process, I heard the cell door open and my
Mistress left several packages on my bed. She instructed me to wear
everything that she had selected for me. In the boxes were contained a
pure white Victoria's youngstown amateurs
Secret merry widow, garters, matching panties (with
the explicit instructions that they were only to be worn over my garters
at naked young cheerleaders
young erected boys all times. In addition, a very sheer white chemise was included as
well as a beautiful white silk blouse, a sequined miniskirt, young tgp toplist and a pair of
black patent leather pumps with what looked like 5" heels.
Her instructions to me included that I was to apply my makeup in a
fashion that was very provocative and sexy as I would be competing for the
attention of the other Masters and Mistresses with other slaves, some who
were TVs like myself, some TSs, as young snuff photo well as real females. This I did
following the instructions from a self help video which had been given to
me. When I was done, young neighbor I looked as feminine as I ever had and nice young ass proceeded to
finish getting dressed.
At 7:30, the appointed time, young black booty
Mistress Johanna came for me as the limo,
which would transport us to the party, had arrived. Before leaving my
cell, Mistress Johanna secured a slave collar around my neck and attached
it to a chain and proceeded to young naked naturists pull me out to young llli nudist the waiting limo. Once
inside the limo, she proceeded young sweet nude to spray additional perfume on me and
worked on fixing young buck mp3 my hair a bit. It did not take very long to arrive at
Master Wilson's huge home. In fact the driveway was filled young coed porn
with expensive
cars very young pussy and other limos. As a result, Mistress Johanna instructed the driver
to drop us off at the bottom of the driveway and she would walk me up the
driveway to the party.
Master Wilson, a tall, heavy young baby teen set man, stood by the double doors,
greeting everyone who entered
"Mistress Johanna, welcome. What do hot young tits we have here, a new slave? She is
very pretty."
"Thank you Master Wilson, and young teentgp thank you for inviting us to your party.
It looks young girls spanked quite happening," she replied.
"You need to check out the refurbished playroom," he replied. "I've
added many new toys and restraining devices, one of which I sure that your
slave will enjoy. She is very pretty and I hope that you are going to
share her amongst young modls the other guests."
"Most certainly, preten young girl that's youngest nude category the plan."
"And by the way my little pet, what is your name?"
Not knowing if I was allowed to speak, I awaited a signal from Mistress
Johanna before replying. "Answer up my dear was her command."
"My name is Erika and I am the chained slave of Mistress Johanna."
"A very proper reply, my dear."
I could young nn panties
see that my Mistress was very pleased with my response.
With that we left the foyer and proceeded to the expansive playroom.
Along the way, I passed many of the guests bitch young russian and became aware that most of
the men and many 101 young lilitas of the women were glancing my way. I tried to smile to
each, acknowledging their attention.
Then my Mistress began pulling me to the far side of the blonde teen young
apparently she found something brazilian young nudes
which caught her attention. It was a small
closet which appeared to be built out from the wall. It was about three
feet wide and deep. On each of youngest teenies galleries the sides was young lads wanking
a fur tufted kristina young hole, about
waist high, and above the hole was a window which was angled in so if
someone was positioned in front of the hole on each young underground porn
side, they could look
inside the tiny room.
Then my Mistress opened the door facing young small twinks us, and the function of the very young nimphets room
quickly became obvious to sweet young teenys
me. A board ran from side to side, positioned
about 3 inches below each hole. At one end of the board, there was a 3"
diameter hole, the same diameter as the hole on each side wall and below
that hole was a collection vessel. At each end were restraints and
cushions so that the slave could young actresses
be positioned and strapped in, allowing
for very little youngest pictures nudist
In front of the whole room, my Mistress instructed me young porn amsterdam to remove very young jerk
panties as I young sex defloration
would not be needing them for a while, and then I was told to
enter the chamber and straddle the platform. Without thinking, I followed
blindly, knowing that the consequences of not obeying would result in much
pain, and eventual submission anyway. I had figured out the purpose of
this device and knew that there was no escape, that the purpose of the
device would be to allow the guests to ravage my mouth and asshole at the
same time. Given young nudists mpg the design of the room, the two guests would be able to
view each other's pleasure, as well as my own humiliation, pain, and
As I was positioned on pics very young the platform a dildo like device was inserted
into each hole to assist in lining up my orifices for 16 xxx young proper operation.
Before the teens youngs cums rear dildo was inserted, I felt hands lift up my ass and placed
my semi excited cock into the hole young orgycute young pussies in the platform above the collection
vessel. When that was completed, I felt my lip being pursed up to the
front wall, and my ass cheeks to the rear wall. When all of the
adjustments were made, the door was closed and young lezbos the room got darker. Both
dildos remained inserted and I could barely wiggle within my restraints.
My mind, somewhat in a daze, began to wander as I tried to figure out just
how many guests would take advantage of me while I remained in this
What I didn't know was that my pretty white panties were now hung on a
hook on the outside of the door, signaling that a receptacle for pleasure
has been installed into the "cucking and fucking chamber." Immediately
lines formed at both ends as my Mistress instructed those guests on line
that if they wished to use the device, that they would have to use a
condom for the protection of her valuable property, very youngest teens and that ones would be
provided if the guest didn't have one.
First the hard front dildo was removed, then the one from my ass.
Although the young riders I could not hear what was being said, there was a commotion on
both sides of the chamber. It took about a minute or two before I began
to feel a probing at my rear as the first guest was trying to find the
target. Soon thereafter young girl spanked came the initial violation of my mouth.
Immediately I new that this was going to be very difficult since the first
guest was wearing a lubricated condom and the combination of the taste of
the lubricant, mixed with the taste of latex was revolting. With nothing
left but to submit, I allowed the slippery tool to invade youngest defloration prepubescent my mouth. I
started to gag, but before I could respond, the invader at the rear found
the target, and my virgin young boy links asshole was forced to split for the very first
I didn't know what was worse, the taste or young cigarette smokers
the pain, but now I was in a
position where I could not resist. No code words could be heard, nothing.
All I could hear were the grunts of the patrons as they pumped away at
both ends. It didn't take either long to climax, the first to come was
the guest whose tool was in my mouth. The guest at the rear, seeing his
face through the windows, knew that his compatriot had come, and soon he
did as well. I was getting it at both ends, simultaneously, the ultimate
feminine humiliation. They continued to pump away until their mechanical
passion sexy young boy was spent, and I felt both instruments of torture being removed
from my orifices.
It didn't take long for the next invader to step up to the box and to
attack the anonymous hole. This process was repeated so many times that I
quickly lost track of both time as well as the number of cocks which I had
been forced young ls teen to accommodate. It didn't take long to work up a sweat and
the inside of the chamber became almost unbearable. It didn't take very
long for me to adjust to the pain at my asshole, but young naturists extreme I just couldn't get
used to the awful, slippery young illegal porno taste in my mouth, it was so revolting,
although I was thankful for the protection. I tried to calculate how much
cum would have been in my belly by now if my attackers were not young teens 14 so
So preoccupied that I was with the cocks in my mouth and asshole, I
didn't realize how large and stiff my own cock had gotten, in fact the tip
was now touching the rim of the collection vessel. That sensation felt
nice, but I could only enjoy it during the few times when I was not being
ravaged at both ends.
Finally the attacks stopped and for the first time in what I figured to
be over an hour, I was able to take young little kidsporn a deep breath. Finally the door to
the chamber was opened and I was released from my restraints. Mistress
Johanna handed me back my panties, but before doing so, she removed a
large amount of currency. The guest had paid her for the privilege of
plugging me, and Master Wilson came over to get his cut of the action.
"Erika, how did you like the sucking and fucking chamber?"
asked Master Wilson. "Isn't it a wonderful device for russia porn young
a girl like young underwear you who
loves cock?"
"Yes Master Wilson, I found the experience to be both humiliating,
exciting, and rewarding. I hope young ukraine nudists that you will use me again in it."
"Very good my dear, I will have to ask Mistress Johanna young dancers
if that will be
alright with her. All of the guests were very satisfied with your
performance, at both ends."
As he said that I realized just how sore I was. My tight little asshole
was now in shambles as I could hardly walk. It would never young teens defloration
be the same
after being ravaged as it had been over the last hour or so.
"As far as I'm concerned Master Wilson, you can use Erika any tgp.young pussy
time you
wish as young ebony I can always use extra spending money. This will be great
training free nude youngest
for her and I'm sure that she will continue to enjoy usenet young porn it."
With that, I put on my panties and Mistress Johanna connected her chain
to young russian teene
my collar. Then the collection vessel was removed from the kids young cunt chamber,
and there was young teens dutch
a small amount of photos young teens
liquid on the bottom of the jar. Master
Wilson young lesbian virgins poured it into a shot glass and handed it to me.
"Drink this my dear, young girls fucking experience the taste sensation which you missed due
to the precautions that we are forced to take in this day and age."
With that, I was forced to drink my own cum. It tasted very salty,
although much better than the foul young pussy tgp
taste of the lubricant. I only wished
that I could young lollita fuck
have been ravaged by only youngest links sex
one guest, petites youngs and really young cunt that I could have
tasted youngest kiddie porn his cum young buck wallpaper while in the chamber.
The rest of the evening other guests young teens nonude came up nude young ls
to me young assholes and complimented me
on my abilities to give head. The only thing was, I didn't know if
their's was the first cock or neil young albums the last.
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