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Subject: Most Embarassing Coming Out
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 02:43:46 GMTUncle Jon was much older cunt pthc then my Dad. He was almost like a second grandfather
to me. loguestbook,lols,pthc
And since I pthc forbidden home movies was named after him, he took a special liking to me..at
least that's the reason everyone thought.
I'd go to his house often to help him out with things like lawn work, house
cleaning, laundry and sometimes stay over the weekend. He took me places my
own Dad pthc magazin
didn't have time to: beach, race track, pthc sex theme park, bowling, films and
just car trips up and down the coast.
I grew up loving him and could always count on him to listen to whatever kid
problems I had...teenage problems came and he'd listen to those too....but it
usually took some prying to get me to talk about them.
But one by one, I talked about my acne, pubic hair, getting along with the
other kids, my attraction to naked boys, double dating pthc illegal child
mistakes and even
He'd listen, bbs pthc sven
talk and advise...never judging me or telling me I was right or
wrong....but always that despite what I thought all the other kids my age were
asking the same things..but many didn't have anyone to ask.
I did..and he was always there.
Even the night I got picked up by the cops after pickpocketing some rubbers.
He asked me why I wanted rubbers and I didn't tell him. The truth was I just
wanted the other kids to think I was having sex.
But I had to confess to Uncle Jon kds hc pthc bbspthc boy pics sex I wasn't having sex...not even with boys. He
asked..and I answered. It didn't seem strange for him to ask that
question..after pthc like horse all he knew I pthc shemale had wondered by usenext pthc I got excited when I saw body
builders and some of the seniors nude teens pthc
in pthc yahoo groups my school while they were working bbs ws bbs pthc out.
His basement was top pthc boy sites a gym: free weights, benches, universal machines and even one
of those bow master gadgets.
As time went on, I made a habit of going there and using the stuff....sometime
with him there and other times by myself.
I watched carefully at my body to see if it were getting bigger..you know,
bigger biceps, rippled stomach, developed pthc nude rape incest
chest. hentai porn pthc It didn't seem like anything
was happening. But Uncle Jon said I was nuts..he could see little russian pthc the changes..so I
kept on working out.
Parties...well, cgiworld board pthc video Jon had several. And I usually helped him set them up and
sometimes stayed for them...especially since I usually helped clean up
Some were mixed with men and women...others were just pthc torrent download his men friends. He had
several of these parties.
Sometimes the men came with younger men too. I guess I was in a fog....never
realizing who these men forum bbs pthc
were until years later.
It was just after my graduation...I had turned 18 on the same day. And my
folks gave me presents then phtc pthc st petersburg
took off for a cruise to Europe..leaving me with
Uncle Jon for the summer.
It seemed strange to me they qwerty vickey pthc
took off like that, but Jon and I were already
planning trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and it was going to be one hell of a
"Kind of a direct download pthc three month graduation present" Uncle Jon said.
We were sitting around in a small party group one night.....I had been
drinking beer and smoking dope a bit. Jon was a bit drunk too and started to
brag about me.....
He made me stand up pthc nude pics and flex for the other men...they laughed and applauded
especially after Uncle Jon made me take my shirt off. I was embarassed as hell
at first..but realized their praise made me feel good. Maybe my body had
developed I thought pthc illegal tpg and I wouldn't be such a geek at college in the fall.
The men talked about their boys too. One or pthc torrents vicky two that were there were soon
shirtless and child model pthc
flexing too.
My cock stirred as I watched them do that. One was tall slim and had an
unbelievable rippled stomach. Another had nipples that stood out ... so much
he could put clothes pthc dreamwiz
pins on them..and did. A third, who seemed closer tomy
age had a huge chest and could flex each pectoral separately.
My cock was rock hard...and I was glad I was wearing loose shorts.
"While we're bragging, let's talk about what counts. How big are they?"
Laughter, guestbook lol pthc kids
comments and then bragging. I realized they pthc malaya
were talking about cock
size and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
One kid was told to stand and show his off...he dropped his jeans pthc sex freesex girl pthc and let his
long cock swing back and forth. My own cock got harder watching.
That was the first time I could stare openly at another mans dick without
worrying anyone would catch me.
Out of the corner of my eye in kiddy pthc links school gym classes, I had tried to see what
sized were around me...how I compared. My cousin Dory had a nice size one and
let pthc movie post me see it one summer when were young. I reciprocated..but that was the
only other time, I did anything like that openly.
I jumped...Uncle Jon's hand was russian mafia pthc up my shorts and had a hold of my erection.
"My boy here has them all beat...don't you, little Jon? He's at least nine
inches and thick as a wrist"
The men were laughing and one telling his friend to find a ruler.
The kid came back with one in his hands.
"Come on, show em" Uncle Jon still had a hold of my hard cock and was pulling
it out of the leg of my shorts.
I heard muttering and comments that told me it was impressive. I suspected it
was pretty good size as it took both my hands to jack it off pthc kids galleries
made it even wilder for me.
"Get your pthc r ygold board hand off the boy's meat so we can measure it for real" someone said
and Uncle Jon's hand released me. But then they pulled my shorts down. My
erection zens pthc bbs pointed out at pthc board3 cgipthc sun them all..and that got some applause.
The kid measured it....I almost came since it was the first time anyone else
had touched my dick..especially when it was hard.
"When did you suspect you had a freak for a nephew?" someone asked.
I knew it when I bathed him as a babyshivid babyj hussyfan pthc little boy..then he would swim outback .. you
know rompl dorky pthc
skinny pthc pissing
dipping and I knew he'd be hung like me.
That got some jeers and pretty soon Uncle Jon had dropped his pants too. And
the pthc livedoor kid measured him and me back and forth.
"nine" came the announcement about me "fucking ten" came the one about Uncle
"Don't worry kid, it'll grow" he said to me and everyone laughed.
Bar b cue and drinks later....the kid who had measured pthc cgi image boards
me came over to me.
"Do you and qwerty torrent pthc
him do it?" It took a moment for me to really realize what he was
asking. The thought had never entered my head until that moment. I pthc donna video thought of
Uncle Jon's long ten inch dick and things I could do with it.
I had had thoughts about oral sex with men before..he knew that pthc boy board from our
talks. Even had a dream or two about getting butt pthc zeps ranchi superalexx
fucked by my cousin...he
knew about that too.
But Uncle Jon never tried angels pthc to do anything with me....maybe he didn't like me
"Can I see it again?"
We went into a back bedroom where the kid lowered my shorts and pthc lo held my cock,
now soft, dreamwiz pthc lemmefind jp
like it was something precious. His lips touched it then his tongue
and soon he was sucking on pthc cp site it.
If any of you remember the first time that something happened unexpected let
alone it being your "first" time..you know that I was in a state of mixed
panic, pleasure, embarassment, confusion and passion....I must have chocked
the kid with my cock.
I was swinging my hips into his face..and gasping for ranchi imgboard pthc
breath. My hands were
all over his head, bare shoulders and reached for his nipples. It was toplist illegal pthc the kid
with the huge nipples so I grabbed them..which seemed to make him suck me pthc young teen
I came in rivers....even after my big dick was out of his mouth..it was
spurting jism all over him.
We went back into the living room and suddenly everyone applauded. I turned
bright red of ranchi pthc cp
course and I saw the kid still had my spunk all over his face,
bare pthc diapers chest and one or two spots on his black shorts.
"me next" someone yelled and index of pthc mpeg laughter was heard.
"Congratulations..it's now official..this is your coming out party" Uncle Jon
The party continued with men dancing, porn on the television and men kissing
and gropping pthc pics vids each other.
More then one would talk pthc snuff to me while touching my bare thighs and move up into
the leg of my shorts. I didn't stop them....it felt good..and my cock seemed
to respond meeting them half way.
Hands rested 9yo pthc on my pthc by butt and squeezed as the guests talked and joked with me.
"Tired?" Uncle Jon said after everyone had left. We had only to pthc vids bbs turn on the
dishwasher since the entire group helped pthc site pedo russian
clean up.
I had put my hand up the shorts of one of the other kids..and felt his bare
butt that night.
"We can't tonight..but when can I come over?" pthc 16 year old
he asked and I told him to call
"Yes Sir" I smiled at my Uncle Jon "Come on" he said and I followed him into
his bedroom.
I had slept with him over the years from time to time....when I was little and
sometimes later too. It was usually when we felt close.....and I gladly felt
his big hairy arms around me top100 pthc as I slept forgetting whatever pthc dark collections 2 troubles I was
having in school, family, life or ... well you know.
He took my shirt off and then my shorts..leaving me naked.
He led me into the shower and we did what we free pthc porn real
had done only 3d video pthc once
before...soaping each other head to toe.
It was when I was a little kid and he was bathing me...I asked him who bathed
him and he got in the tub.
In retrospect, I guess what he did wasn't really pthc sex stories a good thing..but it didn't
bother me and I got to touch dark pthc cp sample
another man in special places..but I didn't
realize it was anything special.
That night, it was special. We fondled, kissed, caressed and he jacked me
until I exploded while the hot water splashed down on us.
We snuggled in his bed...both of us naked..his pthc board bbs big hairy arms around me. I
touched his cock and played with it until it was hard.
"Be careful, it will spit at you" he said.
Then atilol pthc I decided to do something I hadn't done yet.....and pthc alyssa it made him gasp.
My mouth kissed, worshipped and swallowed his cock.
"You sure you want to..you don't have to kiddo" he said while he stroked my
I didn't answer but grew more hungry..determined pthc sex lessons to make him pthc desi feel like the kid
had made me feel earlier.
His cum pthc illegal video covered my face and chest. His tongue wiped it away from me...and I
slept in his arms.
The summer proceeded.....Uncle Jon got me my own phone line....because I was
getting calls on his line all the time.
The kid from the party, the one I gropped, came over pthc subscription pics the next day and
introduced me to buttfucking..he loved iboard3 bbs pthc it jp xxx pthc and wanted me to do it again and
Uncle Jon kept reminding me to be safe and bought me a box of rubbers and some
lubricant..telling me things about squeezing the pthc mpg
tip of the rubber and
withdrawing as soon as I could after cumming and other point.
He took me to a clinic where we both took an HIV test and I learned all about
that horrible part of being who I was.
Jon and I got the nicknames of Big Jon , that was me and Big Big Jon..that was
Parties, orgies, nude beaches, hikes, sleepovers, pthc lol models dates and more became to
take over my life.
Our road trips included meeting friends of Uncle Jon's ... I was suprised how
many friends he had in other states and cities..even in Puerto Vallarta.
"Thank god for the internet" he said one day after cumming board3 pthc 2008
all over the brown
naked body of pthc sick child room
a boy about my age we met in Mexico.
I had just pulled out of the kid too.
It was one hell of a hedonistic, educational and coming out summer for
me..thanks pthc girl link to Uncle Jon.
But dear to me is the photo I keep hidden...a shot of me standing up with
Uncle Jon's hands pulling my erection out of my shorts at that party..the most
embarassing coming out I download pthc have ever heard of.
I gotta add that at the end of the summer, I visited Dory. He free pthc video
was going to
college too.
We drank and nudist pedo pthc naturist
talked and I showed him the photo....he was astounded as I pthc icq
him what brazilian pthc happened.
"You free porn pthc passwords mean Uncle Jon is gay?" he said.
"Yep me too" I said..realizing it was the first time I was actually telling
someone out of Uncle Jon's group.
"Wanna fuck?" Dory laughed as he began to strip. So we fulfilled our years of
teasing each other and fucked each other's asses and mouths that week...and
then went our own way.
College was much more fun, pthc kds illegal toplist
educational and maturing pthc brasil for pthc hussyfan galleries me...especially since
I didn't fight the coming out problems, dating hassles or sexual frustrations
that many of the other freshmen were.
Of course, I helped out as many as I could. My sizable dick seemed to appeal
to many ... even if they weren't gay.
Uncle Jon visited me often and we would cruise the campus....his ability to
pick out the "brethern" amazed me. que es pthc His ability to pick them up despite his age
was also laudible..of course they could see the large package he carried
One which pthc 1 I never realized was there...until my night..my party...my most
embarassing coming out party.
Thank you Uncle Jon...I hope pthc portal I can be someone's Uncle Jon someday.
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