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From: JT Poole
Subject: Boybands - My Kinda Guy - Chapter 37Warnings and Disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal in your town, state naked hot russian girl
or zip code
because of your age, religion, or other government rules you shouldn't read
this.2) If you nude russian site passwords
don't nude russian farm girls want to read about male/male gay sexual relationships, go
away. You shouldn't russian mom porn pictures
waste your time with this story.3) I don't know any of the members of 'N Sync, or russian porn gallery any other celebrities that
may be mentioned in this story. This story in no way is meant to russian amature escorts
anything about 'N Sync, and any other celebrities sexualities,
personalities, or anything else. This sweet russian 16 naturist
is a work of pure fiction.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I want to
hear from everyone out there that is reading this story, tell me what you
think whether it is bad or good.======================================
My Kinda Guy -- Chapter 37
by JT Poole// Chicago, IL -- The Hospital //"Josh it's me JT where are you guys?" JT asked, speaking with JC on the
phone."Yo JT, we russian bride scam list are xxx russian women down in room 201, it's Nikki Thomas' room." JC spoke."Okay, let everyone know that I am on my way." JT stated. "See you soon
handsome."Walking down the hall, JT walks up to the nurse's station and motions russian casting couch girls
one of the nurses to come over."May I help you sir?" The russian girl photo
nurse asked as one of the nurses in the back
caught a russian livesex
glimpse of JT and fainted."I think you better help her, she just fell over back there." JT stated,
pointing at the nurse that had fallen in the back."Oh my, what's going on back here?" The nurse asked, walking over to the
other nurse and motion for other nurses to come over. "Help her, I need to
get back to the gentleman over there.""Is she okay?" JT asked."I really don't know. russian slave
They will take care of her." The nurse stated. naked russian female escorts "What
may russian incest porn I do for you?""Well I was trying russian boy penis to find out if Mrs. Valente was ready to be discharged?"
JT asked."Hold on sir." The russian naked girls pic nurse stated, walking towards the records room."Hello?" JT spoke as he answered his cell phone."What's taking russian pretten pics
you so long?" JC asked, talking on the phone and walking
down the hall."I am russian pic galleries at the nurse's station checking to see if your friend is ready to be
discharged." JT russian girl date stated as he turned around and saw JC standing next to him.
"Hello handsome.""Hi JT." JC stated. "Can we go for a walk?""Sure we can. Let's me get this information and then we can russian lesbian kids pic walk." JT
stated."Okay." free russian boys gallery
JC stated. Walking over to the door waiting for JT as he talked to
the free russian naked men nurse."You ready to go?" JT asked as he sex russian porn opened the russian mature cum door and allowed JC to walk
out. "What do you want to talk about handsome?""I want to talk about us, me and you." JC stated."What about us?" JT asked."Well so you won't be shocked, I am currently dating Joey." JC stated."You are dating Joey?" JT asked, stopping and turning around to look at JC.
"I thought...""I know, I know. You were gone for russian angels fucking so long. I didn't think you were coming
back after the last time." famous russian porn star JC stated."I left because you said you needed russian sluts thumbs space." JT stated as tears welled up in
his eyes. "You said you didn't know horny russian
what russian free rape film you wanted, so I did what you
wanted and gave russian catfighters you that space.""Yeah you did give me that space, but when I wanted you back you were no
where to be found." JC spoke. "I still loved you and you russian family nude didn't Kiddy fuck russian come
back.""I couldn't just drop my current assignment and russian movie sex run back to you." JT
stated. "When you recommended me for the position of Security Liaison, you
know photo russian erotique I would be traveling a lot.""Yeah but I at least thought you dog eating russian pussy
would have some time for me!" JC screamed
pushing JT away nudist naturist russian family
from him."I had time russian women online
for you, you never made russian websites nude
the time for me." JT stated walking
behind JC. "I loved you and you kept pushing me to erotic russian naturist photos the side because you had
to do this or that or something. I put the effort I could into this, what
did you do? Not a damn thing Josh, so don't tell me I wasn't there for you,
I was always russian top100 pretten girls there when you needed me to be, pretty cute russian girls you were just never there
yourself. You know how many nights I sat at your place waiting on you?""Not as many as I sat at yours." JC stated."Well fine. I hope you and Joey russian nudism have a fucking good time." JT stated
walking into the hospital, passing Joey along the way."What was that all about?" Joey russian nude pic thumbnail asked, walking up to JC. "Why where russian glory hole you
and that guy arguing?""It's nothing Joe." JC stated."It is something. Who is he?" Joey asked."That's JT. He's our Security Liaison. He's going to go back to Orlando
with us.""Why are you arguing with private voyeur russian him then?" Joey asked."Joe just let it go." JC stated."I don't want to let it go. I want to know what happened." Joey stated."Well I am not going to tell you what happened so free russian nude pic
just drop it will you."
JC stated, walking away from Joey and going back into the hospital."Wait just a minute here." russian goth girls Joey stated, running into the hospital behind JC
and grabbing his hand and dragging him back outside. "You have been getting
little attitudes with me for a while now. I don't like that Josh, talk video porn russian to
me. Tell me what's going on.""I said no. I am russian girls for sale getting tired of people making demands of me. Just let it
go Joe. sweet russians free galleries I am not going to talk about it." JC stated as Lance and Carson
walked out of russian women porn
the hospital carrying Nikki's babies as JT russian prettens gallery
pushed Nikki in a
wheelchair."I am not making demands on you, I just nasty girl ukrain russian want to know what's going on." russian colloquialisms and online
stated."What's the gay russian men photos
problem you two?" Nikki asked, stepping out of the wheelchair
to walk over to Joey and JC."Joey won't get off of my nerves." JC stated, walking away from Joey."Stop." Nikki stated, pointing to hot russian tgp
JC. "Don't walk away from Tony like
that. I know you might disagree with his actions sometimes, but don't just
treat him like that. Since you have come into my life, you have done
nothing but whine and act like a wimp.""Excuse me, how dare you..." JC trailed off as Nikki pimped slapped him.
"You slapped me!""You better shut up before russian sex couples I blog russian girl porn do it again." Nikki stated."Damn, she's got a backbone." JT stated. "He deserved that.""Why did he deserve that?" russian and naked Joey asked, looking at JT."He just does." JT stated. "Come on people foto nudist russian
let's get going, the russian girls photos tgp
jet is waiting on us.""The corporate jet?" Nikki asked."Yeah, big comfy plane for all of these guys." JT stated, helping Nikki
into the car."Oh great, I get to ride on a plane." Nikki stated."Is it me or is this your regular attitude?" JT asked, looking at boylove discussion forum russian Nikki."It's rapidshare russian nudists her regular attitude." JC stated, ducking in a hurry as a hand came
flying his way."Boy don't make me bitch slap you." russian nude gallery Nikki stated, glaring at JC."Nikki Nikki, calm down girl, don't beat him up." Joey stated."Tony shut up. I am not in the sex links russian pics mood right now." Nikki stated."Well damn, we better get you on the plane so you can at least get some rest
or something." nubile russian schoolgirls JC stated."Josh I youth russian porn think it's lotita russian12yr russian hardcore best if you just keep quiet." JT stated, helping Nikki
into the van.// The nude russian naturist girls Airport //"Bruce pop that russian lollita nude
needle in that bitch's arm and let's jet." Adam stated."What! No!" Leighanne stated as the man walked over to her and injected her
with something."What did you russian very porn do to me you sick bastard?" Leighanne asked as she felt
dizzy."Oh russian babies pussy
you won't remember any russian free sexy sites of this tomorrow." Adam stated, walking over to
her and placing a gag in very nasty russian beauty
her mouth. "Come on Bruce, get russian angel girls pictures
these two lets head
back home.// Outside //"Look! There's Brian." Joey stated as he and the others were russian martial arts techniques walking to
their plane."Stop where you are." JT stated, retrieving his gun from russian girl naturists
his holster."No don't. I am not the bad guy here, he is." Brian stated."He's lying, he hurt me and tried to kill me." Adam stated, putting the gun
he had into Brian's jacket pocket."All of you stay free russian hardcore pics where pretten russian big movies you are, I want to see hands all around." JT stated,
pulling out his cell phone and pressing an autodial naturist russian fotos number, holding his gun
on Adam, Brian and Bruce."Sir please help me, he tried to shoot me." Adam stated, lying through russian links sex his
teeth."What? You are lying!" Brian screamed."I am not lying sir, check his jacket, he has a gun. russian sex forum He tried to kill me
and my russian girls photos illegal brother." Adam stated."You ought to be ashamed of yourself." Joey stated. "I don't know what it
was that I ever saw in you.""Joey, it's not like that. I am innocent. I still love you." Brian
stated."How could you love him when you are married?" tiny russian art JT asked, walking over to
Brian. "You give gay men a bad name Brian.""The same way you loved JC. I loved Joey." Brian stated as Joey russian 17 sex gallery turned
around and looked at JC."You and him were together. He was the other guy?" Joey asked, looking
between JC and JT."Well ahhh...ahhh...yeah. We were together." JC stuttered out."You were together. So that's what the argument russian boys orgy between you two were
about." Joey stated, walking away from JC."Joe, Joey wait. Please let me forbiden russian pix
explain." JC stated, running behind Joey."Damn man you just got here and you are causing drama for them already."
Nikki stated, patting JT on the back. "I hope you are not this bad all the
time, them boys need love not hate.""I am not hating, I am just speaking my mind." JT stated, walking over to
the bag on the ground. "What's in this bag?""Kevin's in there. Adam shot him and I don't know what that guy did to him
before russian sexmovies that." Brian stated."What? Let's me get the paramedics here." JT stated, opening the bag to
see old naked russian women Kevin's bloody body."Help me. They shot me and Leighanne is back there." Kevin spoke weakly."Guys go back there and see if you see Leighanne, Brian's wife." JT stated,
directing Lance and Carson down the way that Kevin had motioned in."I found her." russian babies Carson called out. sexy russian wife
"She looks like she's unconscious or
something.""Well russian sex woman nude stay there with her. Let me get the paramedics here both of them need
medical attention." JT stated as Adam gay russian photos grabbed the gun from Brian's jacket
and aimed it at JT."Look out!" Nikki naked uderage russian girls screamed. "He's got the gun!""What!" JT turned around just in time to see Adam aim and fire the gun tetris russian theme at
him."Nada amigo." nude girl russian
JT stated, popping a cap in Adam's waist, bringing him down
to the ground."You stupid fuck! You shot my brother!" Bruce stated, running towards JT
and getting shot in the leg."Wow both of them are just as dumb as I though. I knew they would russian xxx sex com
slip up."
JT stated, still holding Kevin's head in his arms as security and the
paramedics arrived.======================================
TO BE CONTINUED...Comments or Suggestions Contact InformationE-Mail:
Yahoo: johntpoole
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ICQ #: 146925768
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