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Subject: My Master, My Son (part 7) incest, urination, authoritarianThis story lolit photo sites is about male on male sex. It involves men and boys, some of whom
are related. If you do not like that kind of thing you are free to exercise
your right NOT to read it. If you are underage, you should be doing homework
right now and not playing around in this kind of site. So depart.If you like it let me know. Since the story is fantasy, the characters do not
practice safe sex. You should, however. Besides, I can not think of anything
safer than a porno lolis JO to a story. Email me if you want to make some comments.This part will not make sense unless you free thai lolia
have read the previous parts. So
get to it!
My Master, My Son (Part 7)
By DennisChapter 13- To Protect and Serve"Here is the story, Gordy. While you were napping, Miller took the tape you
were just watching down to that technical school he goes to. Ya see, he's
pretty good with computers. So good that they give him access to some very
fancy equipment. He made these."Miller slipped a disk into the computer. He moved the mouse a couple of times
and a picture loli top tgp appeared on the screen. It was from the video tape. It showed
me on my knees sucking Gordon's cock, Chuck tied to the bed and Gordon in
full uniform. You could easily make out his features. Then picture after
picture from the free lolicon incest doujin
scene the three of us had done, Chuck getting fucked by the
cop, Gordon positioning me over Chuck's cock,
Gordon jerking my cock. In everyone you could clearly make out Gordon with
his uniform pants down and his stiff dick standing lolicon free pictures galleries out from his body. As porn
pics, they were pretty hot. Chuck looked to be a young boy having
nonconsentual sex with a cop."You know Councilman Cullen? He's the Commissioner of Public asian lolipop girls Safety, isn't
he? In charge of the police department, as I remember it. How about Chief
Carter? Did you know they belong to the same church. One of those
fundamentalist places. I saw that in the paper. Those guys are always talking
about `homasexials' and how they seduce and rape children. What would they
think about these pictures? They both have email addresses, right Miller?",
Miller nodded, "The church even has a web page. With one little click these
could be sent at the speed of light right to `em. What do you think they
would do with them, hmm Gordy?. Make quite a stir. Especially if I were to
haul my 15 year old self over to city hall and talk to the D.A. about how you
forced my dad and me to make this video."Chuck was giving a great performance. He walked about, spoke in a mocking
voice, whimpering a little when he talked about being forced. Forget
politics, Chuck! Think acting.I watched Gordon during all this. He was first mad, then shocked, then really
frightened, as the reality of what was happening dawned on him. He had always
been the man in charge. Now he was not. He was being forced to listen to a
boy threaten him. He leaned forward in the chair, eyes closed. Chuck put his
hand under the cops chin and lifted his head."What do you think would happen? Your career would be over, that's for sure.
How long do you have until retirement, Sergeant? Five, ten years? Well, that
dream would be over. That's probably the least of it. What is the penalty in
this state for sex with a minor? And not just me. Remember Sean? I do. He was
that little hustler you picked up in the park that time. Fucked him many
times, he told me. It may have been consensual but he was 14 when it
happened. Now, he would make a hell of a witness. You would end up in one of
those sex offenders places, if you were lucky. If you went to prison, loli teens thumb
if you didn't get a knife in your back you would probably get fucked to
death. Say what you want to about cons, they don't like that stuff. A cop
and a rapist of underage children? Lot of them were sexually abused as
children. Probably why they hate guys like you."Gordon had started to sob. It was the sobbing of a lost soul on the road to
hell. Chuck's voice was hypnotizing. There was no other sound in the universe
besides that voice. I began to realize something about my son. He was older
inside than his 15 years."Miller, take the tape and the disks and hide them with the other stuff. Take
Anthony with you. Then, come back here."Grabbing the items the two boys headed for the door. Chuck was just staring
down at the slumped over cop, not talking or moving. There was a deadly
silence punctuated by Gordon's muffled sobs. Outside we could hear Juan's van
starting up and pulling out of the driveway.As the sound receded, Chuck said, " Don't worry, Gordy, they will be loli cunts safe.
But you will never find them. Now, where was I. Oh yeah, I was about to make
you an offer. Here it is. You remain safe and secure as long as we are. Let's
see, the motto is `Protect and Serve'. Well, you are going to do both. You
are going to become a slave brother for the pig here.Through the gag Gordon was able to make a recognizable, "What?""We are going to take out that gag. I want to hear what you have to say. But,
yell or do anything stupid and not only will you be gagged again but I will
turn you over to Juan. Did you know that a couple of cops fucked Juan nude lolipop kid and his
mother? No? Well, now you do. I will let you think about what kind of effect
that had on his attitude towards the `men in blue'. You going to play it
smart?"Gordon nodded. Juan untied the gag and Gordon worked his mouth. "May I have
some water?""Pig!" I nymph model preteen loli went into the bathroom and filled up the glass. When I came out,
Juan was reaching for one of the beers Chuck had brought up earlier."Don't, Juan. I doctored them with knockout drops but he little lolittas art wanted cp kds loli pedo whiskey.
Hahahaha. Like the buzz, Gordy? Pig, pour them loli nude perteen out."The Excedrin must have kicked in. Or what was going on loli toplist dark was overwhelming the
effects of the drug. Gordon seemed clear headed. "Chuck, you can't be serious
about this." Then to me, "Is that the way he got control over you?"Before I could answer, Chuck said, "Gordy! You talk to me, not my pig. Got
that?" Gordon just nodded again."Now, let's get down to cases. You will be spending your free time here. I
know that you have your own apartment. You may keep it. But you won't be
using it much. You will make what ever excuses that you need to your buddies
for your sudden lack of time for them. Now, unlike the pig, I am clips little loli going to let
you take care of your own finances. He owes me, as his son, you don't. But
you will be paying me room and board. pthc loli forum And your body will be earning money for
me"Gordon looked at him questioningly but Chuck continued. "I want a copy of
your schedule. I know that police work sometimes means that you work funny
hours or long days. We will accomidate that. I also know that, as a sergeant,
you have much greater control over your time. But, if there is to be a
deviation from the schedule you must call. You can leave a message on the
machine, if no one is here. I warn you, we will check up on you. You will
learn to follow my rules to the letter. You can ask the pig about the
consequences of not doing what you are told. We say , you obey! No questions,
no objections. Understand?""You are out of your fucking mind!""I assure you that I am not. Don't let my age fool you. I know what lolitta network I want
and I know how to get it. I warn you, I will go through with my threat. I
have nothing to lose. You have everything. Like my dad, you are not stupid. I
will be giving you time to think about it. For now, I want you to understand
how it will be.""You can help the pig around here when we don't want you for something. You
will sleep in the basement, too. You will serve us, bathe us, and ameture lolit galleries sexually
service us. You will also service anyone else we tell you to. And nude model lolitta
you will
submit yourself to physical and mental abuse designed to humble you. And
humble you we will. You have always been the boss. Well, Gordy, you lolipop sex can still
be that outside, but with us you will be a willing slave."Gordon started to say something but Chuck cut him short, "This is your time
to listen, not talk. best usenet loli
I have plans. The guys and me will be uncensored lolicon getting out of
this town in three years."That was new. I listened intently."By that time, I will have the money I need and I will have my high school
diploma." Gesturing towards me, "This is the first the pig has heard this.
When I do, I will free you. young little underage loli I will give you the tapes and anything else that
would endanger your secrets.""But what about those others. You're a bastard, they are crazy. How can I
trust them? How can you?""As you will soon understand, they belong to me. I control them as much as I
will control you", gesturing toward Juan", but they do it from love." Juan
nodded his agreement. "You will do it from fear. If I give you my word, you
can be assured that they have given you their word also.""Your word? What good is a promise xxx lolitta free from you?""I put great store by my word. I put great store in the word of any
honorable man and none by the word of a dishonorable man. Isn't that right
pig?"I looked at the floor. It was the breaking of my promise that had led to all
this. But I had never seen Chuck break his. I believed him when he said that
this would all bbs loli page end in three years."Besides, what choice do you really have. After a while, you may come to
enjoy some of what happens to you. I know the pig does." Turning to me, "Your
hardons gives you away." Then back to Gordon, "Now ask questions. After I
answer them, I will leave you alone with your thoughts. Juan will be on guard
here. When you have decided, Tell your guard. You will give me your answer
then."There was silence. It was still sinking in. I could see his mind working. It
is this or I lose everything. It is slavery or I pay the price of being an
asshole by giving up everything in my life, maybe going 3d lolicon to jail. He looked up
at lolits kids pedo porno
Chuck. What he saw there was the grim determination.In a small voice he said, "When you say I have porno lolite
to sexually service, does that
mean I have to suck cock and and get fucked? Stuff like that?""Yes! And before you say you don't do that, I know that you do. Maybe with us
it was always the top you played, but that is not always true, is it Juan?"For loli top nude the first time Juan spoke, " Pastore told me all about the games you two
play.""That fucking bastard", Gordon shouted, "That dirty wop pig. What did he tell
you?"Turning to me, Chuck said, "For your edification, pig, Pastore is a little loli girls
cop, a
patrolman, in Milldale Township. He and Gordon met at a leather bar in the
city. Right Gordon? What is he? About 25? I japanese lolitta girls
saw him. When Juan told me about
him I wanted to see what he looked like. You sure can pick `em, Gordy.
Italian teeny pussy upskirt loli cp lolicon underground
muscle man. Fills out his uniform real nice. Go ahead, Juan. Tell him
what Pastore told you.""He said that you liked to play at being a bottom boy, that you are into S
and M and B and D. He told me that he topped you up several times at that
cabin of yours. Played slave games up there. That's where you keep your toys.""Why would he tell you that?""He likes to show off during pic megazine loli sex. See, he had picked me up in Milldale a
couple of months ago. Drug possession was what he threatened me with. Then he
said he would let me go it I took care of him. I've been `taking care' of
him, when he wants me, since then. Once a week. loli russian age 13 The way we've been taking
care of you, Gordy. He asked me, once, if I asian loli forum knew you. Then he told me the
whole story. I guess he confused getting his cock sucked with respect. I told
Chuck and Miller. It was so funny to be getting fucked by you, you playing
the big butch cop, and knowing that you had a dirty little secret.""Shit! That prick. I will kill him. Alright, he wants to tell secrets. Here's
his. He's a fucking dealer. Not around here. At the gay bars in the city.
Pays protection to some cops down there. Thinks lolia sex top list
he's pretty safe too. He's as
dirty as they come."Chuck looked at Juan, then started to laugh, "Thanks Gordy, I didn't know
about that. Who is his supplier.""Nick Lopez. Know him?""In fact I do. Well, I will pack that piece of information away for future
use. Right now, you are the issue. Anything else you want to ask?""No. Oh god, you can't do this to me Chuck. I've been good to you. I took
care of you. Why are you doing this. I never hurt you or Juan or Miller.""Yes you did, Gordy. You are authority, adult lolitta rape teen sex authority. You never let us
forget that. You treated us like dirt, and we free loli nude crack won't small tits loli
take lolicon movie clips that from anyone.
You really enjoy being cock of the walk. You strut your stuff, hassle
teenagers, abuse them. Who is going to stop you? Well, away from us you can
continue to do that. nn loli pics
But with us, you will be just a pig slave, like the
other one. Now, are we done?""Yes.""Pig, lolit jpegs downstairs. All this talking has made me thirsty"In the den, I served Chuck his beer. He put his feet up. He had not bothered
to dress. He flipped around the channels on the TV. I went into the kitchen
to clean up. Miller and Tony lolipop pics returned and joined Chuck in the den. About a
half hour later, Chuck told me to bring up a beer to Juan.When I entered the bedroom lolity pic I saw Juans' prick sweet lolity buried in the cop's mouth. He
had his hands behind Gordon's head and he was "That's it Gordy. Suck it
good. Give ya a little cum to get the taste of my bung hole out of your
mouth. Have a great tongue there, dude."When he saw me he said, "Put the beer on the desk. Tell Chuck he's still
deciding. That's it, little boy blue, keep at it and Juan will will give you
a nice load." As I left, he was ramming his cock down the cop's throat."Master Juan said to tell you that Gordon's still deciding.""What's happening up asian loli tgp there?""Gordon was sucking cock, fresh lolits
Master. I think he also rimmed Master Juan.""Good. If he hasn't decided in half an hour, Miller, you and Anthony go up
take over guard duty.""Got you. Maybe we can persuade him."There was no decision, so the two boys went up and Juan came down. He had
dressed. "Thanks for sending up the brew. Gave it to him, recycled. He said
he was thirsty, again."Carrying two more beers, I saw that they had Gordon face down on the bed. His
uniform pants and his underwear were pulled down to his ankles. They had
removed the leg shackles but not the hand cuffs His utilty belt and hat were
on the floor.
Anthony lay at the head of the bed, with his feet flat on the bed and his
knees raised.. He was naked. The cop's head was between his thighs and
Anthony's balls were in his mouth.He was sucking on them. A pillow had been
put under Gordon's hips and Miller, with just his pants off, was on his
knees, plunging that 8 inch tool in and out of the officer's asshole. I put
the beers on the table and left.When, after another hour, the cop had still made no decision, Chuck decided
to try.
He finished his beer and went up to the bedroom. Back in their clothes,
Anthony and Miller came down.I could hear talking from upstairs but I could not make out any words. Every
once in a while, Chuck would raise his voice. I could hear Gordon saying ,
"No! No! Please!" Then there was silence. Juan sent me up to see if Chuck
wanted anything. The cop, still cuffed, was straddling Chuck's hips, my son's
cock up lolit galleries
his ass. He was slowly moving up and down on the rod, his head,
abjectly hanging down, his eyes red. I could also see that he had a boner.
Chuck, his hands behind his head, was whispering to his prisoner. I was
waved away and went down stairs.In an hour,Chuck came down the stairs, followed by the uncuffed Gordon, back
in uniform, his cock and balls exposed. videos lolicon 3d He was being lead by a rope tied
around the base of his dick nasty lolitta porn that loli land art preteen Chuck was using as a leash. There was a dog
collar around his neck. Chuck took him loli sex top 100
into the den where he said, "Guys,
this is pigboy. He has decided to join our little household. Isn't that
right?""Yes, Master."
Chapter 14 - How The Mighty Have Fallen"Here, pig!"I went into the den. Chuck was sitting in his chair and Gordon was standing
there, pedo loli links waiting to be trained."Ordinarily you will be naked real lolicon porn sites around here, like the pig. But this submission
to us, while you are wearing your uniform, is so fucking preteen loli 12 hot that I want you
in it for now. We intend to do this with you wearing the symbols of your lost
authority."He turned to me, gestured to himself and other boys and asked, "Pig, what is
the proper address to use lolicon pthc when talking to us?""Master!""What is the proper way to stand before a Master?""Head down, eyes on the floor, legs loli bbs japan spread, hands behind back, Master".
Gordon immediately took that pose."If we call?""Stop what I am doing and attend to lolipop porno free your needs, Master""And if we tell you to do something?""I must do it. No refusal, no objection. You say, I obey, Master""What of your body condition and cleanliness?""I must work out regularly, bathe regularly and give myself an enema twice a
day, Master.""What about the butt plug?""It must always be in me except when I am told to remove it or I have to
defecate."To Gordon, "I will be getting you one soon," then to me, "What about your
pussy?""I no longer have an asshole. It is a pussy. It belongs to you and the other
Masters. I must keep it clean and lubricated at all times.""Why?""So that you may fuck me anytime you wish.""And what about your cock?""That also belongs to the Masters. I may only ejaculate when given permission
by a Master. I must wear this", pointing to the rawhide around the base of my
dick, " to asia lolitta
help me control myself.""What other duties do you have?""I must keep the Masters' home clean, cook for and serve the Masters, wash
their clothes, clean up after loli bbs foto them, dress, and bath them""Well pigboy, preeteen loli pics did you hear all that?""Yeah, I heard.""Pigboy?""I mean, yes, Master.""You will soon real lolicon bbs learn to say that always. Still have that feeling you can be
the boss? Think again! Now, do you understand? Those rules apply to you also.""Yes, Master. I understand.""Good, good. Alright guys, its time to have a little fun."I had observed my brother slave during this exchange. There was still a
defiant tone to his voice, an arrogance in his manner. I knew Chuck. He would
be working on that. He would humiliate and punish until there was only blind
acceptance on Gordon's part. He wanted more than just compliance. He wanted
absolute control of both mind and body. He wanted this slave to have one
thought at all times, "How do I please my Master and make him proud of me."
Chuck had done that lolicon boys girls to me. Now he would do it to Gordon.The other thing I had seen was that Gordon stayed hard during all this. He
was being turned on by the situation. That was easy to understand. Gordon
had admitted to taking part in subjugation scenes. Through every `play'
slave's mind went the idea of being a 24/7. But this was no fantasy. This was
real. But, as they say, you can't rape the willing."Pig, take pigboy into the bathroom loliraguy and give him an enema. No, make it two.
We want him clean inside. More room for some Master juice."Using the rope, I led Gordon into the bathroom. I got out a couple of Fleet
Enemas and told him to drop his pants and underwear and lay on the floor face
down. He adjusted his utility belt and did as he was told. His nightstick
make a clunking sound when it hit the floor.It was the first time we were alone. As I inserted the nozzle free xxx lolicon tgp into his pussy
he whispered, "Is that the way it is around here? You are really their slave.""Yes. We are slaves to those who hate all that we represent. Now, stand up,
but hold it in for 10 minutes. Then you can shit it out.""Goddamn it, why did I trust the prick. Would he go through with his threats
if I didn't do this?""Yes, you can young hentai lolicon
be assured that he would.""Do you really enjoy this?""In a strange way I do. Like you, I have the kind of job that requires me to
be in control. It has become pleasant to give over that control to someone
else. I can see by your hardon that the idea has some appeal to tiny loli petite
you.""I just never thought it would come at the hands of some teenage boys. Boys
that I have been using to get my nuts off. Do they physically abuse you?""Yes.""And you kiddy porn pics loli like it too?""Yes. And I have been able to extend the duration and kinds of punishment
that I can take. You had better shit now."He dropped onto the seat and let the consequence of the enema go."Where is your gun? lolicon young hentai girls I noticed that your holster is empty. And how come you
were still in uniform?""My gun is bondage teen loli in the trunk of my car. I didn't have time to change before coming
here, so I just threw some petite lolitta nu
clothes into a bag. They are in car too." He wiped
his pussy. "Now, again. Onto the floor"As I used the second enema, I admired his ass and legs. For someone who was
about 45, they looked really fine. He bdsm loli
had a bubble butt. He obviously worked
at keeping his body in good condition. His stomach was not washboard. loli bbs top
was a layer of fat over the muscle but he kept it flat. I remembered how loli flash game
chest and arms looked when I was servicing him at Lebold's. He was 6 foot
and about 185lbs but he was not a body builder. Just a guy in really great
shape. The hair joung lolits on his pecs, like the hair on his head, was a kind of dirty
blond. His `stache was blond, his hair a flattop crew with high and tight
sides He had a light bush on his pubes. There was some heavier, darker stuff
on his arms, legs, and ass. His loli sex game dick was cut. Hard, it was between 7 and 8
inches and moderately fat. I knew from experience that it was a good size for
deepthroating and felt really fine in the pussy. The head was slightly larger
than the shaft of his cock and a fuck little lolitta
darker red. His wrinkled ball sack hung
below his cock with his left nut lower and slightly larger than nymphets board loli his right.We didn't talk anymore. I told him when to dump the second enema, then
checked, with my finger, to make sure that he was clean. After washing and
drying lolicon hentai downloads
his pussy and butt, I greased him with lube. What a difference porno lolity
the last time we had met. He pulled up his pants and adjusted his clothes. He
knew to leave his equipment sticking out through his fly. nymph loli He handed me the
rope and I said, in a very low voice, "It's show time, pigboy!"Chuck untied the rope from the cop's dick. Anthony handed him a piece of
rawhide that was tied around the base of Gordon's cock. Putting Gordon's
uniform hat on the officer's head, he said, "Juan, I want you to be his first
fuck as a slave. I turn him over to you. chil xxx loli real The rest of us will watch you put
him through his paces. Hear that pigboy?""Yes Master."Juan put his face inches from his victim's, "This is going to be a pleasure.
I am just sorry that you aren't a virgin. I would really have liked being the
one to take your cherry. Now, on your knees." The teenager dropped his pants,
stepped out of them, and pulled his loli bbs naturist
shirt up over his head, "Now suck and
lick me and get me real hard. Wet it up. It's going in your pussy, pigboy.
Make love to it."Gordon went to work. He skinned little lolipop pink pussy
back the foreskin, totally exposing the
purple head. It was so hot to watch this cop in uniform sucking Juan's cock
and playing with the balls, his head moving around as he worked different
parts, the hat toward the back part of his head, the bill just free loli fuck behind the
front of his flattop. When Gordon shifted his body, the police equipment at
his waist made a jingling sound. His badge and collar insignia flashed in the
light. I had lolits young xxx an aching hard on. I prayed that somehow they would let me get
off. If they didn't, I was going to have one bad loli virgins archives case of blue balls.Juan turned around and bent over, reaching back with his hands to spread his
cheeks. Gordon needed no instructions as to what to do next. He attacked the
boy's asshole, licking, probing. reaching with one hand between Juan's legs,
he played with the nuts of his Master, rubbing the other hand on the
teenager's leg. That's when Anthony said, "Hey, he really likes to do that,
Chuck.""He should. He had his cock in it enough. Right, pigboy? Like the taste?"Gordon pulled his tongue out long enough to porn little loli sex
say, "Yes, Master!"Straightening up and turning, Juan again presented his cock for the cop to
suck. "Someone throw one of those pillows over. Pigboy, stand up and drop
trou!. Now, beg me to put clips lolicon
this fine japanese lolitta meat in your pussy."Gordon, still on his knees, hesitated. Juan slapped him across the face, with
his palm, "We say, you obey!"His face turned red from just being bitch slapped by a 17 year old. Staring
up at his tormentor Gordon said, "Please Master, fuck me.""Come on, you can do better than that !", and raised his hand again."Please, Master, fuck this pigboy's pussy. Shove it photos porno lolity into me. Cum in me. I am
ready to satisfy you.""Better. Kiss my cock and nuts and get those pants down!"Gordon got off his knees, unbuckled his utility belt placing it on the floor
and pushed his pants and briefs down to his ankles . "Anthony, get his cuffs
off his belt, Secure his hands behind his back." Reaching down, Juan grabbed
the cops balls as he was being cuffed, "Now you can feel what it's like to be
helpless and used. Pig, put him on the floor with that pillow under his butt.
I want to see that cop pussy waiting to get fucked."I sexy yo lolits helped him to lay face down on the floor, with the cushion under him. Here
was this butch cop, his forehead pushing against the floor, body arched over
the pillow, uniform shirt up far enough to reveal his lower back, arms
cuffed behind him, white ass up high, knees on the floor, black shoes showing
out beneath his pants.Juan knelt behind him, grabbed onto the pigboy's hips and, in one motion,
shoved loli sex kds
his cock loli bbs naturist story into that cop pussy until his pubes were pressed against that
well maintained ass. Gordon let out a yell of pain at the sudden intrusion.
Juan started pumping. At each stroke the cop made a grunt, "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!",
keeping time with the thrusts.Juan slapped Gordon's asscheeks between strokes, "That's it pig, tighten up
that pussy (slap). japanese underground loli
This is for every time you fucked me in that patrol car
(slap). This is for those pigs that fucked me making my mother help them
(slap). This is for all the hassles from every cop I have ever known (slap)."
He kept thrusting until, finally,"Like, it, pigboy? Here it cums!" Pushing
in, he stopped moving and discharged into the cop, grunting with each spurt.
As he pulled out and stood up, there was applause from the sex art incest lolicon
seated boys. Cum
trickled down towards the cop's balls.Chuck stood and said, "I'm next. Anthony will be after me. lolicon girl porn Then Miller, you
can use that pig sticker of yours." While the others undressed, my son
dropped down behind the hard breathing cop and repeated what Juan had done.
This time there was no yell. just an, "Umph" as Chuck's dick hit home.Each of the boys fucked that ravished pussy. Gordon moaned between each
assault, his white ass getting red from being slapped. When Miller finished,
they stood looking down at their prisoner. The cop just lay there, exhausted
and humiliated at having just been fucked. Chuck turned to me."Pig, he fucked you at Lebold's, right?""Yes, Master.""Then I think that it would only be right that you fuck him now," and he
removed my rawhide cock ring.Now that was something I had only dreamed about. He had been so all man that
night, he wouldn't even touch my cock. I dropped to my knees, and positioned
my cock against the cop's pussy and pushed it in."Now pigboy, you are lower than low. Not only do you get fucked by Masters,
you get it from pigs too." There was a groan from Gordon as I pumped into
him. I was so turned on by what I was doing and what I had just seen that I
came after a few thrusts. I had been hard for so long. I had many cum shots
into his well used hole."What do you say, pig?""Thank you, Master.""Now, get back down there and eat out that cum."I buried my face in the crack in Gordon's butt, my tongue pushed into his
wide open pussy. I tried to suck some of it out and then licked up what had
dribbled from his hole earlier.When I thought I was done, I looked to Chuck for permission to stand. He
indicated I should. He bent down, got the night stick, and pushed the end
into Gordon. It looked like some kind of obscene tail. I was told to get
dressed and go out and get some beer and sandwiches. "Oh, and pick up another
dog's dish." As I left I could hear Juan telling Gordon to clean his cock.End underage loli cp
of Part 7To be continued.
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