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We are glad to see States falling into line in the estab-
lishment of State Boards of Health. The Georgia State
Board have issued a good-sized volume for their Second An-
nual Keport. In addition to statistical matter, proceedings of
the board, etc., etc., the volume contains a very elaborate re-
port of the " Late Epidemic of Yellow-Fever." This report is
very exhaustive, extending inquiries into all conditions likely
to affect the development, progress, and cure of yellow-fever.
It contains many interesting points. The board also make a
short report on "Lunacy in Georgia." The Appendix (88
pages) comprises, for the most part, evidence bearing upon
Art. YI. — Transactions of the Pathological Society of Phila-
deljjhia. Yol. Orlistat Cost YI. Containing the Report of the Pro-
ceedings for the Session from September, 1875, to July,
1876. Edited by James Tyson, M. D., etc. 8vo,pp. xxvi.- Orlistat 120mg
157. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1877.
The previous volumes of the Philadelphia Pathological
Society are too w^ell known to the profession for the present
one to require an extended notice at our hands. It is hand-
somely gotten up. and comprises the history and autopsy of
cases of disease occurring in nearly every section of the body.
This publication embraces the proceedings of one year only.
Books and Pamphlets Received. — Report of Cases of Phimosis and
Adherent Prepuce. By John 0. HuflF, M. D. Reprinted from the " Trans-
actions of the Medical Society of West Virginia," 1877.
Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine. Edited by Dr. H. Yon Ziems-
sen, Professor of Clinical Medicine in Munich, Bavaria. Vol. XV. Orlistat On Line Dis-
eases of the Kidney. By Prof. Carl Bartels, of Kiel, and Prof. "Wilhelm
Ebstein, of Gottingen. Translated by Reginald Southey, M. D., of London,
and Robert Bertolet, M. D., of Philadelphia. Albert H. Buck, M. D., N'ew
York, editor of American edition. New York: William Wood & Co.,
Medical and Surgical Reports of the Boston City Hospital. Second
Series. Edited by David W. Cheever, M. D., and F. W. Draper, M. D.
Boston : Published by the Board of Trustees, 1877. Pp. 316.
g^j)0rts on; tlje ^roguss oi '^tUxtim,
Contributed bt Drs. EDWARD FRANKEL and GEORGE R. CUTTER.
SURGERY. Cheapest Orlistat
Poison from Splenic Gangrene. — Dr. P. Voss has Orlistat Fda made Cheap Orlistat a number of
experiments, in the i)athological laboratory of Christiania, with the splenic
blood of a cow, dead from gangrene of the spleen {Norsk Mag. f. Laege-
vid., R. 3, Bd. 6). An immense number of rod-shaped bacteria were
found in the blood. They were considerably thicker than the ordinary
putrefactive bacteria, and occurred in three different lengths. The longest
were always two or three times as long as the shortest ones, and often
bent at an angle corresponding to the length of What Is Orlistat the shortest rods. A
resume is also given of the prevailing views concerning this poison, its mode
of propagation, condition of contagiousness, and the various known forms
in which the disease appears in man.
The experiments were made on Guinea pigs with blood containing
splenic-gangrene poison, either undiluted, dihited, or filtered, and thereby
deprived of its bacteria, and, finally, with putrid blood. Five of the six
animals died in the course of on3 to two and a half days, according to the
degree of dilution and the quantity of the injected blood, which was from
one-third to several drops. One case in which filtered blood was used
ran the same course Buy Orlistat Uk as the others, and presented Orlistat Online the same post-mortem
appearances. Specimens of blood taken during life from the ear pre-
sented, as a rule, bacteria. On section, there were found oedematous con-
nective tissue, fluid dark blood, and a bloody, soft spleen. The rod-
bacteria were found in the heart's blood, and in especially Orlistat To Buy large numbers
in tlie spleen, Orlistat 60 where they were at least quite as numerous as the red blood-
corpuscles. The sixth animal was inoculated w'ith highly diluted and
filtered blood from the cow's spleen with a cataract needle. The animal
showed no reaction after the inoculation. The investigator ascribes this
negative result in part to Orlistat Buy Online the inappropriate instruinent, in part to the ex-
treme dilution of the material. Fifteen days later the same animal re-
ceived an injection of dilute, stinking, putrid blood, which presented
numerous putrefactive bacteria, but in which the previously mentioned
characteristic bacteria had disappeared during the process of putrefaction.
The animal died in two and a iialf days. The spleen was scarcely swollen,
light red, not h^^perfemic. A few putrefactive bacteria, but none of the
characteristic rods, were found in any of the animal's organs. The animal
w^as regarded as having died from septicfenjia, consequent on the injection
of such a large quantity of putrid matter. — Nordiskt MedicinsM ArHv, Orlistat Cheap
Bd. 9, Hiift 1. G. R. C.
Pits in Peritoneal Cavity treated ly Incision and Carbolic Injections.
— Dr. J. A. Selmer reports {NorsTc Mag.f. Laegevid,, R. 3, Bd. 6) the case
of a strongly-built man, about forty-five years of age, who presented symp-
toms of ])eritonitis, located in the right hypochondrium. He had meteor-
ism, vomiting, fever, etc. This condition lasted for a number of weeks,
and, in spite of treatment, he slowly grew worse. The abdomen
slowly enlarged, especially on the right side. The liver was pushed
up to the fourth rib. There were considerable dyspnoea, cyanosis, and
collapse, and death appeared imminent. An exploratory puncture with
Pravaz's syringe showing pus, a trocar was entered near the costal
border, and a large quantity of pus evacuated. As all the i)us could
not Orlistat Canada thus be evacuated, an elastic catheter was inserted and a solution of
carbolic acid in water was injected twice a day. The pulse and Orlistat Uk respiration
im])roved immediately, the collapse and cyanosis disappeared, and the ab-
domen contracted. The following day the catheter became choked, and
the distention increased. A transverse incision was made through the
puncture wound, three inches in length. A tin catheter was passed through
the incision as far up as the liver and down to the groin. The cavity was
now completely emptied of pus, and the wound dressed with a carbolized
compress. On the tenth day tlie secretion of pus had nearly ceased, and
the general condition was good. A steady progress was made to recovery.
Dr. J. Ilolmboe reports, in the Orlistat Buy same journal, the case of a girl, fifteen
years Orlistat Price of age, w)io had, witliout any known cause, rigors pain in the ab-
domen, and vomiting. Peritonitis was diagnosed. Four days later there
was a profuse diarrhtea, which lasted several days. The abdomen became
distended, and the diaphragm was pushed up. These phenomena gradually
diminished under treatment. Six weeks later a fluctuating tumor, about
the size of a goose-egg, was detected at the lower portion Fda Orlistat of the left side.
It constantly increased in size, the pulse became quite rapid, and there
was some fever. About ten weeks after the commencement of the disease
there were severe cough, spitting of pus, and symptoms of infiltration of
the left lung beneath the spina scapulae. The tumor extended farther up
in the abdomen, and farther inward over the median line. A few days
later considerable ])us was evacuated through the rectum. Pressure on
the tumor increased the expectoration of pus. An exploratory puncture
having shown pus, an incision two inches long was made in the linea alba,
between the navel and symphysis. More than a quart of pus escaped. A
catheter was inserted and injections of carbolized water made. The pa-
tient rapidly recovered. — Nordiskt Medieinskt Arkiv, Bd. 9, Hiift 1.
G. Orlistat Tablets R. C.
Paralysis of the Ulnar Nerve, due to a little-Tcnown Cause. — In 1874, Dr.
Ponas, Surgeon of Buy Orlistat Lariboisiere Hospital, communicated to the Parisian
Academy of Medicine his researches on paralysis of the radial nerve, by
which he showed that the paralysis supposed to be due to the influence
of coll] was traceable to compression of the nerve during sleep. Be-
fore the same Society, February 12, 1877 {Gazette Medicale, 7, 1877), the
subject of paralysis of tlie ulnar nerve was brought forward by the same

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