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Related post: the piofe-sion at large regards them with certain peculiar no-
tions Furthermore, it vAas made clear that there is no real
bond of sympathy between a hotel physician and his transient
" ' Professionally speaking, the life of a hotel doctor is not
pleasant,' one of them said. ' Financmlly speaking, it h s its
advantages. Just how some physicians attach themselves to
hotels is peculiar. The doitors wlio do this seem to be averse
to enduring the early struggles of a younir physician. We have
all heard of yoimg physicians in the country who spend their
last dollar in hiring carriages in order to wheel madly through
the town witli the hope of impressing the residents with the
size of their practice. There is metliod in such a course, and
there is just as much method when a young physician in the
city keeps Purchase Flonase Online his eye open for a hotel berth Flonase Discount As soon as this is
found he gets together nil his spare cash and hires a room in
the hotel. He tlien gets permission of the propiietor to hang
out his shingle.
'• Flonase Alternatives ' In many cases physicians who started in early life with
a hotel berth, merely to get transient patients and avoid tlie
dull and heart-aching waits for practice, liave continued on at
the hotel until they are old men. Yet there is always a pang
in their hearts. They are like many old bachelors who look
around them and see their friends surrounded by happy fami-
lies. There is a dull longing in the hearts of these old bache-
lors on such occasions. Just so the hotel doctor looks on his
brother physicians with steady practice in families that liave
learned to regard them with fondness and esteem. As these
hotel doctors grow older they continue fond of their ease.
They do not have to go out at all hours of the niglit, in all
sorts of weather. Their patients are right at hand, and there
is little discomfort in their lives. Yet I Flonase Alternative never saw a hotel phy-
sician will) lingered on in one berth until past the meridian of
life who did not regret that he had not encountered the early
struggles of young physicians, with the terrible grind, the
anxiety for practice, and all the disadvantages of poverty, but
with the knowledge that they are steadily climbing in their
professi(»n, and surrounding themselves with patients who be-
come Buy Generic Flonase their truest friends.'
"The hotel physician paused in his story and then intimated
that the great Generic Flonase Nasal Spray physicians of New York city were rather in-
clined to look down upon the men of the same profession who
reside in the hotels, or at least upon those who have passed
most of their days as hotel physicians.
"'These great physicians,' he continued, 'believe that we
are actuated solely in our profession Flonase 0.05 by money considerations.
They do not believe that we have the profession at heart.
They themselves believe in financial results, but the most of
them aver that these are not the only considerations with them,
and that they are students of every new feature in the profes
sion for the profession's sake. .They declare that we are not.
It I had my life to live over again I would not le a hotel phy-
sician. I would go out and struggle, and Flonase Nasal Spray Generic have the regard and
esteem of a class of permanent patients, and the honor that
redounds to a physician in the broad field of bis practice. I
would "dvise all young physicians who begin a hotel career to
continue in it only long enough to obtain money to keep them
in the world until they can Flonase Generic Equivalent get a footing. We are not regarded
as specialists or as great in any feature of the profession. We
are simply at hand to attend to the passing ills of transient p.a-
lisnts. who don't care a copper for us, and in whom we have
only the o.-dinary professional interest. I can not speak too
much of the tender relations that Flonase Coupons Printable exist between the family phy-
sician and his old patients. It is one of the beautiful things in
life, and one in which we hotel physicians have no part. I
have attended Flonase Rxlist many of the greatest statesmen and many of the
most beautiful and accomplished women in the United States,
but I doubt if they even remember my name, much less my ap-
pearance, and neither do I believe that they recall the help I
gave them when they were in pain and distress. It is far dif-
ferent with the family physician. The husband and wile are
grateful to him in the majority of instances until their last
hours. Their children, and, in numberless instances, their
grandchildren, hold last to the old doctor, and if the doctor has
a son they fasten to him, and so it goes on. There is a lie of
friendship. It is similar to the confidence many families place
in the old lawjer.'
"In other ways the hotel physician meets with unpleasant
experiences. Many guests dislike to call in a strange physician,
and do so on'y when their condition makes it absolutely neces-
sary. There seems to be distrust of a strange or hotel Flonase Acne physi-
cian, and innumerable instances were related where guests at
some of the Flonase Generic Price largest hotels in New York have risked death in
order to get back home to tlieir family doctor. These instances
hurt the hotel doct^irs' pride, both as men and physicians.
"The liotel physicians of New York, though, are pleased at
the more kindly spirit they observe among hotel proprietors in
the event of a death in the hotel. Only a few years ago the
death of a guest in a hotel was followed by summary action on
the part of the proprietors. The body was hurried out of the
hotel as quickly as an undertaker could be summoned. The
hotel physicians say that this practice brought about many Cheap Flonase
deaths, for the reason that siek people took all sorts of risks in
getting to their homes, dreading to die in a hotel. Now, how-
ever, the average hotel proprietor is all kindness on occasions
of death. Everything is conducted very quietly, but he ass .res
the relatives that there is no need for unseemly hurry in remov-
ing the body. Many times the preliminary funeral Flonase Canada services are
conducted in the hotel.
" But this is a story about hotel physicians and their chances
of fame and tortune. It is the advice of one of the oldest hotel
physicians Alternative To Flonase in New York city that young men starting in life
would be far better oiJ in the end if they took to the woods
and built up a practice, instead of becoming hotel physicians
and living in compar.itive ease and comfort, but without any of
the real blessings of the profession."
Serum Therapy in the Treatment of Diphtheria.— At a
recent meeting of the Paris Order Flonase Online SociHe medicate den hnpitivx, a re-
port of which appears in the Mercredi medical for December
12th, M. Moisard gave an account of his observations among
two hundred and thirty-one children who had been treated by
this method durmg the months of October and November.
Out of thi- numiier thirty-four had died, making the mortality
14-71 per cent., which, he says, is very much lower than that
indicated l)y M. Roux in arecent communication, twenty-six per Flonase Generic Cost
cent. The author thinks that this diminution should not be Flonase Generic Name
attributed to the greater benignity of the dise.ise during these
months, as it did not seem to him that the number of light
cases was very much greater than that of the graver ones. He
attributes the cause ol the difference to tlie better management
of the service, which enabled him to isolate not only those with
broncho-pneumonia, but also all children suspected of pulmo-
nary ati'ections.
Jan. Flonase Ns 6. 1895.1
Witli regard to the general symptoms of serum therapy,
they may be early or lale. yometimes, altlioii;;!) rarely, the
imtlior lias observed, (iiiring the first few hours InlUiwing the
injections, transitory symptoms of generul reacliim, of which
the only oiitrt arcl manifestation was an elevation of temperatuie,
which sometimes rose to 102-1° F., but this lasted only a few

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