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[New York
Medical Tournau
It is women alone, we think, who can lift the
prostitute from her degradation ; men have essayed
to do so over and over again, but always, so far
as we are aware, have met with failure. We are
not prepared to indicate any details of such a phil-
anthropic work ; those we leave to the v/omen who
will have to carry them out. We may, however,
perhaps be permitted to Labetalol Trandate mention a few generalities.
In the first place, there should be nothing institu-
tional about the undertaking, else opposition on the
part of those to be reclaimed will be aroused at
once. The operations should be of individual initia-
tive and conducted as Trandate 200 Mg if the subjects had never been
anything else than reputable members of society.
Honorable employment must be obtained for them
of course, but it is of prime importance, it seems to
us, that they should never be reminded of their past
career. We earnestly hope that some means will
be found to reclaim them in considerable numbers.
The opinion of the medical profession as a whole
wavers somewhat as to vaccine therapy. There are
those who believe in it. those who are skeptical, and
those who openly deny its efificacy. Recently, both Trandate 100mg
from England and from Germany, encouraging
news has come with respect to the benefits accru-
ing from antityphoid vaccination. Experiments on
a large scale in the British and German armies
seem to show conclusively that beneficial protective
results have come from vaccination against typhoid
In the American army the outcome of the use of
the method has been attended with most satisfac-
tory results. It appears to have been proved be-
yond a doubt that the procedure is harmless and
In the Practitioner for December, Dr. E. von Of-
fenheim endeavors to correct certain misconceptions
which have arisen concerning the method. Refer-
ring to one reproach, the lack of confirmatory sta-
tistics, von Ofifenheim points out that far too much
importance is usually paid to statistics, and that, as
every one knows, these are easily made up to prove
a point that it is desired to prove. It is said that
vaccine therapy often fails and is consequently re-
garded with distrust, on account of the ignorance Buy Trandate
of the general practitioner of the proper technique
of the method. Further, according to von OfTen-
heim, medical students and physicians are not suf-
ficiently trained in the principles of vaccine therapy,
so that a very large number of practitioners do not
know which cases are suitable for such treatment
and which are not. The argument is made that
when suitable cases are treated in a scientific man-
ner vaccine therapy fulfils all that has been alleged
for it by its earnest advocates. Of course, this is
not to say that vaccine therapy has not its limita-
tions, for it most obviously has ; von Ofifenheim,
however, lays down this axiom, that all infections
of which the organisms are known or can be found
and can be grown in vitro are amenable to vaccine
therapy provided there are no uncontrollable auto-
inoculations and the lesion is accessible to the blood
There is little doubt that the principle of vaccine
therapy is right from the scientific point of view,
and, so far as typhoid fever is concerned, such
treatment is effective. As was said before, its pro-
tective value against typhoid fever has been clearly
shown in the recent report of the surgeon general
of the United States Army, in which it is stated
that among tlie unvaccinated of the army the case
rate of typhoid fever in a thousand was 4.1 1, and
the case rate anion"- the vaccinated .26.
For many weeks past we have been Trandate Tablets flooded with
letters, a large proportion of them from laymen,
asking how "606" can be obtained. In our replies
we have given such information as we were able to
get. So far as we are at present informed, the
preparation will be for sale in New York some time

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